Often the General health of the patient and sutures in the skin is restored much earlier, but you need to remember about healing and internal organs. In order not to hurt and not to spoil the positive result of the operation, should strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physician.

The first day after surgery

In the very first hours after the procedure laparoscopy, the patient usually continues to slumber. At this time often may experience chills and feel cold, which are easily enough covered with a blanket.

Pain after surgery moderate and well-removed various painkillers. There are cases of occurrence of nausea and vomiting. To panic in this condition should not, because it is easily relieved by drugs.

During the first days after surgery in the throat may be felt a little discomfort as the result of being in it anesthetic tube.

A few hours after laparoscopy, the patient can get out of bed and use the toilet. There is no need to move - you need more rest, because in the first few days after the procedure, patients often experience a pronounced weakness. To eat in the first hours after surgery is not recommended, it is better to drink plain non-carbonated water.

A few days after surgery

The next day after laparoscopy may appear discomfort and pain in the neck and shoulder sections. This is due to the gas pressure exerted on the diaphragm during operation. The condition is easily eliminated by simple analgesics.

Nutrition in the postoperative period should not be abundant. It is recommended to eat boiled and steamed food. To eliminate fatty, smoked or spicy, and fried food is also a mandatory requirement. To get involved with foods that cause bloating (fresh fruits, sweets and flour products) is not recommended. You can drink juice, tea, dairy products and water without gas.

If the procedure laparoscopy was aimed at the removal of ovarian cysts within a few days after the conference a woman can start menstruation extraordinary. So do not be surprised when it detects bleeding.

Recommendations after discharge

It must be remembered that the rehabilitation process lasts about one month, so immediately after discharge from the hospital do not need to give the body the usual load. Seams after the operation every day should be treated with antiseptic solutions prior to complete healing.

In the first days remains weak and fatigue, so it is best if there will be someone from your family. Relying on own sensations, you must choose the optimal mode of motor activity and rest.

The first 2-3 weeks after surgery you must abstain from sexual activity. Sports, fitness or dance background is recommended to start no earlier than 3-4 weeks after laparoscopy. In this case you should start with small loads, gradually increasing them.

You should avoid sudden movements and heavy lifting. To make long trips and flights shouldn't either.