Diet after laparoscopy

Food after removal of ovarian cyst using laparoscopy should be to contribute to the normalization of metabolism and restoration of total body strength. Energy value of the diet content of fat, protein and carbohydrates should be almost fully comply with the nutritional standards for a person not engaged in physical labor. Vitamins need to drive in increased amounts. Open to all methods of thermal processing of food. To eat 4 times a day.

Recommended dishes and foods: bread (rye and wheat), flour products, vegetable and cereals soups, meat, fish broths, fish and meat specialities, boiled sausage, milk products, eggs, boiled and in a variety of dishes, porridge, pasta, broth hips, fruit and vegetable juices, tea, butter, vegetable oil. From the diet should exclude fatty meats, refractory animal fats, condiments and spices.

Diet after abdominal surgery

If the removal of the ovarian cyst was performed in the process of a major surgery under General anesthesia within 1-3 days using the following diet. Its goal is to maximize mechanical, thermal and chemical sparing of the gastrointestinal tract. The diet has a reduced calorie content by reducing the amount of carbohydrates. After surgery patients often marked by great loss of fluids, so you should increase water intake to 2-3 liters, and complications up to 3-4 L.

Food should be pureed, boiled in water or steamed. To eat often, 6 times a day, small portions.Recommended mucous soups from oat, semolina, rice cereals with cream, egg and dairy mix, butter. Will be helpful lean veal, beef, veal, chicken, rabbit, Turkey, cooked in a meat sauce or a steam souffle.

From lean species of fish, cooked without skin, also make it a steam souffle. Resolved soft-boiled eggs and steam eggs. You can cook the liquid porridge made from oats, cereal flour, semolina, grated buckwheat and rice. Resolved jelly and jelly from the berries and fruits, milk pudding, weak tea with juices from fresh fruits and berries, diluted with water, broth hips.

You should limit the amount of salt, avoid foods and dishes that excite the secretory activity of the stomach. Contraindicated hot and cold dishes, bread, flour products, milk drinks, sour cream, cheese, plain cottage cheese. To prevent flatulence from the diet to exclude whole milk, raw vegetables and fruits, concentrated sugar solutions. Can't drink cocoa, coffee, fizzy drinks.