In the management of the store (if we are not talking about hypermarkets), practically it is difficult to influence the behaviour of buyers, forcing them to buy more goods. Also quite difficult to save on material support of business processes, because usually they are already optimized. Therefore, the only available control for the ability to raise profits is to increase revenue in the store by other methods.
For outlets, this task is solved by the following actions:
• Management of product proposal;
• Management of the promotion;
• Management of the sales price.
To increase revenue in the store, for each of these activities is to conduct targeted work. It makes sense to expand the range and improve the quality of goods sold. The extension may not happen due to the increase in amount of displacing each other goods on the shelves, and in addition the implemented range of non-core products. So, you can often see in grocery stores sold household chemicals and household goods.
The price control includes the ability to conduct promotions, offer discounts, credit services to purchase. Managing promotion of the store through advertising, branding and promotions. The skillful use of attract more customers and increase revenue in the store can and word of mouth.