You will need
  • - a beautiful bag or drum
  • stickers, cardboard or colored bookmarks for books
  • - markers
  • - colorful wrapping paper
  • - a sheet of paper
  • - handle
  • - cheap little things for prizes
Before the holiday fabricated lottery tickets. As these tickets can be used calendars, stickers, postcards or cut from cardboard cards. On each card write the number, not repeated in any of the other ticket.
Prepare the prizes for the draw. Prizes can serve as an inexpensive little things needed in everyday life: a pen, pencil, clip, eraser, chewing gum, Notepad, pad, a computer mouse, a box of tissues, batteries, comb and things like that. Write down on a sheet of paper, what subject what number will fit.
Think of every piece of humorous description, which is immediately difficult to understand what object it is. For example, a notebook - a tool to improve memory, gum - mini air conditioner for the mouth tissues - pocket dehumidifier. Wrap each piece in a nice wrapper so that in outline it was impossible to guess what is in the parcel.
Put lottery tickets in a beautifully designed bag or in a spinning barrel (drum). Also a pretty interesting option for the delivery of tickets could be their sudden discovery inside a balloon under the bowl inside the candy wrappers.
As soon as the guests gather, invite them to pull the ticket out of a bag or a box. If you want a lottery ticket was given as a reward, ask the invitees to tell a poem, to guess a riddle or sing a song, for which hand of each performer on the ticket.
After everyone will get a raffle ticket, spend a solemn presentation of prizes, exchanging tickets for prizes from a previously compiled list. When announcing the winner first call the number of the ticket and humorous description of the prize, and then ask the lucky person to seem present and pick up the won item. This sequence with the presentation of prizes will not only keep the suspense until the opening of the wrapper, but also to keep the guests ' attention before giving them the prize.