First, clearly define the purpose and concept of your promotions. This may be the first awareness of a new product is its unique properties, the announcement of seasonal sales with extraordinary discounts. The reason for promotion is the opening of an additional store-affiliate trading network with the Parking of cars, or support the favorable image of the company-the advertiser in connection with the victory in the competition, a memorable date etc.
Plan territorial "coverage" advertising your event: whether it is a local ("point") or regional.
Check for yourself preferences by intensity or duration of advertising effect on potential customers, reported financial resources.
Learn the features of your target audience - potential customers. It is useful to always bear in mind the representatives of the so-called "contact audiences" - those intermediaries who are not purchasers of the goods, but indirectly affect its implementation.
Develop texts of advertising appeals (messages).Determine the choice of advertising media:media "outdoor advertising", a small printing, direct mail, and more.
Develop your advertising budget.

Of course, "swipe" the advertising campaign depends on the resources allocated for its organization. The advertiser hopes that the "blank shot" will not, and the costs will pay off. Unfortunately, to guarantee that the effect will be adequate to the expenses, nobody can. Rather just rely on common sense and consideration of all the circumstances of the current market situation.
Select is responsible for conducting advertising and promotional campaigns.

Delegate employees involved in the event, the necessary powers to solve all his problems. Make a decision on bringing to the rally specialists from outside agencies if necessary.
Make a step by step plan of the campaign, indicating the duration, schedule of use of funds.