In advance to prepare new price lists and leaflets with information on the conduct of the action. Every employee of a trading hall should be instructed about the conditions of action and know what to answer customer questions.
If provides for the issuance of a gift with purchase product, it is necessary to allocate space in the trade hall or at the exit of the store for the presenters. On the counter lay small gifts and flyers, which will be written information about the conditions of participation, the issuance of gift and period of the action.
It is important to ensure that the goods involved in the action, was of good quality. If the product has a shelf life comes to an end or its packaging leaves much to be desired, you should these products be eliminated. Otherwise, the store is that attitude risks losing the respect of customers in the fierce competition to reduce sales.
Before the first day of the start of the campaign to warn buyers about the forthcoming event. It is most convenient to inform buyers will be cashiers, who are bringing a receipt from a cash register, casually mentioned about the stock. In the end, the attendance of the store will significantly increase.
At the entrance to the store or on the street to hang informational poster calling for active participation in the promotions of the store. The main thing is to register in the poster benefits the buyer receives by purchasing the product.
During the action to collect the questionnaire from participants. Let them answer what they liked in stock, which they would have preferred modalities, etc. the responses will allow you to spend the next campaign more efficiently.