Advice 1: How to profitably sell camera Zenit

Currently, most of the photographers prefer to take pictures on modern digital cameras. Such outdated equipment like the Zenit camera many lies idle. It turns out that it can be sold quite profitably.
How to profitably sell camera Zenit

Where to sell a camera "Zenit" beneficial

With the advent of digital technology, Soviet photography in the past. When it cost a lot of money "Zenith" now gathering dust in the lockers of former fans photos.

The camera "Zenit" Soviet production are not uncommon. In Russia to sell it for good money is very difficult. The average price of this type of product does not exceed 2000 rubles. As a rule, people are willing to sell their old cameras even cheaper.

To implement the old "Zenit" at a decent price, you can sign up for the international online resource specializing in providing information on selling and buying old things. You can also visit the sites of Russian and foreign collectors. As a rule, lovers of Soviet photographic equipment ready to pay for any copies decent money.

Some merchants specifically buying old cameras for resale on specialized sites. It brings them a lot of income, since foreign collectors are willing to pay for such things much more serious money.

In the absence of the ability to sell "Zenit" foreign buyers can try to implement it through the camera shops that accept second-hand goods. There you can get advice about the cost of this instance.

How to sell a camera more expensive

If you sell the camera, not collectors, and modern photographers, the cost of "Zenit" will be determined by the cost of the lens. Can be sold separately the carcass of the camera and each lens. This will bring the seller more benefits.

Before sale "Zenith" it is important to find information about it, determine which particular model will sell. For example, a camera with a standard lens in the kit, the majority of Russian buyers are ready to buy for 2000 rubles. If "Zenith" joined the famous lens "Gelios-40", then it can be sold on the Russian market for 13000-16000 rubles. If "Helios-40" in addition will have a silver color, the cost will rise even higher.

Before you sell "Zenit", you need to learn about the market value of the instances of a particular year. Some models are valued much higher than similar, but released in another period. Currently, demand for lenses and cameras, released in 1980, as it was this year Moscow hosted the Olympics. In professional circles such instances of "Zenith" called Olympic.

Advice 2: How to determine the year of manufacture of the lens

The desire to determine the year of issue of the lens occurs most often out of idle curiosity. Because this feature does not impact more on the qualitative indicators of shooting. In the modern market of lighting a large selection of lenses, but for example it is possible to identify and consider range from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolita and Leica.
How to determine the year of manufacture of the lens
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - PC with Internet access.
Carefully inspect the housing of the lens or the mount ring. On a piece of paper, write down the serial number. It must consist of numbers and letters from Canon, Sony, Nikon and Minolita or only numbers from Leica.
To determine the yearand the release of the Sony lenses and Minolita use the database Information on the website is presented in English, but without a translator it's easy to find the necessary data. In the column Name, search for your model and Release year in the graph, respectively, the year of issue.
If you have a lens from Nikon, find out interesting information from the same database In the first column of the table prescribed articles of photographic equipment and the last Date – the year of its release.
Decode the serial number of the lens Canon. The first letter is the factory where it was made. There are only three: F – Fukushima U – Utsunomiya, O – Oita. They are all located in Japan. The second letter is the year of issue. For example, K – 1996 or 1970. The first two symbols of the digital code is the month in which the lens off the line. 01 – January, 02 – February, 03 - March, etc.
The picture shows the lens with the serial number 0206 UW. The full transcript will look like this: Utsunomiya, February 2008 or 1982 year. The exact year of issue is determined logically. If the lens was just purchased in the store, you can not be released in 1982 year. Accordingly, the correct first date.
Year of issue lens Leica define, comparing your serial number with the corresponding value from the database for this type of technology. You can find it for example here - Any pattern in the chronological sequence of these numbers there.

Advice 3: At what price to sell their goods?

If you have something to sell or want to sell, then you will sooner or later the question arises: at what price I can sell? What affects the formation of the final cost of the goods? Will there be a demand for this product for the price?
At what price to sell their goods?

The cost of the product is the amount of money that you are ready to leave the buyer for a particular product or service. The main thing in education rates is to understand that the price will never be stable. It is influenced by many factors. The main factor that has had an impact on the price of goods is the cost price of the product itself. No one will sell goods to their own detriment.

Many sellers seek to increase their profits only by reducing the cost of production of the product, or are looking for the possibility of lower wholesale prices. Remember that reducing production costs will lead to lower quality, which means, subsequently you will have less buyers.

Also an important factor to determine the cost – it offers the other sellers on the product. If the price of the commodity will be higher than in another store, then buy it, almost no one will. Although it is believed that the higher the value of the goods, the more it will buy. The psychology of many consumers suggests that the more expensive the product, the better it is and better. In addition to market pricing and is the maximum possible price for the goods set by the state. Be sure to check before selling, what is the maximum value you can set for the goods in accordance with the law.

How to use the cost of goods to increase their profits? The first and probably the most important way – is to reduce the cost of production. Or, in simple terms, reducing the cost of purchasing the goods. The main thing is not to overdo it. Remember that the cheaper the item cost, the worse the quality, and this may have a negative impact on the number of sales of such goods.

If you have narrow store that specializes only on a certain group of goods, then it makes sense to produce a better offer. For the cost, it will be slightly more expensive than ordinary goods, but for this product you can ask for and a great price, because here will play the role of quality for the consumer. The buyer will be ready to leave you more than at another store, but in return he will expect a quality service or product.

Another important factor influencing formation of the cost of goods – it offers the other sellers, and competitors. Usually in this case the price is calculated as the average number between the minimum and maximum price of goods in your city or area.

These are the main factors affecting the cost of goods, remember that to attract more buyers is to arrange any sales or best deals, because many customers are looking for proposals which will be beneficial for them.

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