You will need
  • - old coins and banknotes
Look at the city club of collectors. Quite often, these clubs can be found in major cities. Come and offer your product to going there. Through these actions, you will have a great chance to sell a variety of old money. However, to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, check in advance the approximate price of all existing coins and banknotes.
Use Internet resources. In the network there are a large number of auctions of ancient coins and paper money ( ; ; ). Sign up there and place information about your product, quite often you want to publish a photo or scan of the money. The price for each coin (bill) the seller puts on their own. To navigate price, use the catalogue of ancient coins (for example, or evaluator.
In the Internet there are a few major forums dedicated to buying, selling and appraisal of ancient coins (banknotes). Sign up on one of them (for example, ; Thanks to the photos available money you have, you can absolutely free to learn their real value and sell coins. The advantage of this method of selling old banknotes and coins is that the money for them, you get to send the goods to the buyer.
In the presence of certain knowledge, create your own personal website about the sale of the old money. Add the photo and price of their coins. Interested buyers will find you themselves.