Before you try to sell a sewing machine, find out exactly the brand name and the year she was manufactured.
Inspect the machineas if you were going to buy it and start pre-sales. Repair the flaws that catch the eye. Clean the machine from dust and make it presentable. If possible, eliminate visible defects and refresh the appearance.
Visit the local antique shops or antique dealers private with the purpose of studying demand and monitoring of the prices for old sewing machines that stamp and year, which corresponds to a product.
Find the professional repair and cleaning and ask it to determine whether your unit is in working condition. Also with the help of a specialist clean up and adjustment of all nodes.
Take pictures of the cars from all sides and try to sell it on eBay. Set the product on several websites for maximum effect.
You can sell the machine through the online forum on relevant topics and also give ads in Newspapers. Using all of these capabilities in the complex, you will surely find a buyer. In this case, don't hurry - because antique sewing machines are not a high demand item that was bought daily. But it is possible to gain a considerable amount of money, patience.