Harmus whether heart drops

Quite a large number of people drink heart drops, trying to relax to sleep quickly or to stop worrying. It is not necessary to hope that "Valocordin" and its analogues - panacea from heart diseases. Yes, they can take the edge off, help with light stage of sleep, which is an advantage, but are fraught with danger.

Despite the fact that many of these drops was soothing as heart medications, rely on them entirely impossible. When severe pain in the heart, they are unlikely to help, because in this case need assistance and medication, selected by a cardiologist.

You can't take a large number of "Valokordin", "Valocordin", "Corvalol", as the drops contain barbiturates, poisoning the body. Phenobarbital, which is one of the components banned in several countries, as it causes addiction. Eventually, the person begins to drink more and more drops, thus bringing the time of occurrence of barbituric intoxication.

Keep in mind, if you drink heart drops in large quantities, if you cancel you will feel discomfort that is a symptom of addiction. If you're worried or you need to fight insomnia, take a tincture of motherwort or Valerian is much safer!