Advice 1: Valokordin, Valocardin, pills: benefits and harms

Heart medication, for example, "Valokordin", "Valocordin", "Corvalol" many accept with or without him. The composition of the drops is part of a complex of substances, some of which cause serious harm to the body. Yes, and supposedly the heart drops do not help to fundamentally solve the problem, as they have only a sedative effect.
Valokordin, Valocardin, pills: benefits and harms

Harmus whether heart drops

Quite a large number of people drink heart drops, trying to relax to sleep quickly or to stop worrying. It is not necessary to hope that "Valocordin" and its analogues - panacea from heart diseases. Yes, they can take the edge off, help with light stage of sleep, which is an advantage, but are fraught with danger.

Despite the fact that many of these drops was soothing as heart medications, rely on them entirely impossible. When severe pain in the heart, they are unlikely to help, because in this case need assistance and medication, selected by a cardiologist.

You can't take a large number of "Valokordin", "Valocordin", "Corvalol", as the drops contain barbiturates, poisoning the body. Phenobarbital, which is one of the components banned in several countries, as it causes addiction. Eventually, the person begins to drink more and more drops, thus bringing the time of occurrence of barbituric intoxication.

Keep in mind, if you drink heart drops in large quantities, if you cancel you will feel discomfort that is a symptom of addiction. If you're worried or you need to fight insomnia, take a tincture of motherwort or Valerian is much safer!

Advice 2: How to stop worrying

People often worry over nothing. But for some it becomes a constant habitual state. Often there is no apparent reason to worry, we're all just exaggerating and overreacting themselves.
How to stop worrying
To stop worrying, you need to create a positive climate. To do this, eat only healthy food. Then you will feel great and will have less reason to worry. Do not eat at night. It can cause nightmares.
To stop worrying, you need to ask yourself whether you are comfortable to be at home or in the workplace. If not – then you need to think, perhaps possible to change something.
Not to worry, you need to look everywhere positive. You need to think only about good things, be kind to yourself, not to notice things and bad people, only good.
That there is less reason to worry, it is necessary to sleep not less than seven hours a day. This time should be enough to get you slept and rested, and feel cheerful and fresh. If you think that there is little time for sleep, then define your rule and try to stick to it.
To worry less, you need every day for fifteen minutes to meditate or relax completely.

Make it a rule every day to walk in the fresh air.
To stop worrying, you need at least twice a week to do something that helps you forget about problems: draw, watch movies, listen to music, go to dances, etc.
To stop worrying, try to understand why you exist. Look for some global goal that you could remember every time when you start to worry about another problem. And that would give you the strength to move on.
Follow these tips and you will stop worrying, start to live in peace and learn to look at life more positive.

Advice 3: Harm and benefits of motherwort

Motherwort is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the genus of perennials or biennials of the family yasnotkovyh. Motherwort is used for medical or culinary purposes.
Harm and benefits of motherwort

Useful properties of motherwort

For therapeutic and cosmetic purposes use the herb, the leaves and rhizomes of plants. Using motherwort to treat many diseases.
In the composition of motherwort include:
- essential oils;
- tanning substances;
- vitamin a;
- vitamin C;
- glycosides;
- flavonoids;
- sugar;
- mineral salts;
- pigments.

Motherwort is used to treat disorders and diseases of the nervous system: hysteria, neurosis, epilepsy and neurosis of the cardiovascular nature. Medicine of motherwort help to cope with sleep disorders and headache. Use them for lowering blood pressure and as a means to remove the spasms of the brain. Also this plant is used as diuretic medicine. It helps to cope with gynecological problems: dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorder, painful bleeding.
Motherwort tincture is used to treat dermatitis and skin rashes.

In the popular cosmetic tincture and decoction of the motherwort is used to care for porous, prone to acne skin. Water and alcohol tinctures are used for General strengthening of the nervous system and treatment of dystonia, psychasthenia, various forms of neurosis. With the same purpose, take a bath with the addition of an extract or decoction of this plant.
Grass motherwort should be collected during flowering.

A positive effect motherwort and certain disorders of the digestive tract. Infusions and decoctions of the plant have analgesic and antispasmodic in diseases such as gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, pancreatitis, colitis.
To fall asleep would be much easier if you sleep on a pillow stuffed with dry grass Leonurus.

Using the broth to stop gastric and uterine bleeding. Lotions with a decoction of motherwort is used to stop bleeding in injuries of the skin.

Harm motherwort

In some cases, the motherwort can cause allergies and also have contraindications, so take it only under medical supervision.

It is impossible to use preparations on the basis of motherwort during pregnancy and after the abortion, as they can stimulate uterine contractions.

You should not use motherwort to people whose work requires high concentration, because of the ability of the plant to cause drowsiness.

Advice 4: How to take pills

"Corvalol" – the drug has on the body of a sedative (sedative) effect. Tool release in the form of tablets, drops for oral administration.
How to take pills

Instructions for use "Corvalol"

"Sage" is a combined drug that includes phenobarbital, peppermint oil, ethyl ester of alpha-bromoisovaleric acid. The drug has a sedative, expand blood vessels, antispasmodic effect, improves natural sleep. "Corvalol" is prescribed as a calming and widening the blood vessels means if sinus tachycardia, cardialgia, high blood pressure, insomnia, autonomic lability, neurotic States, hypochondriacal syndrome, irritability. Due to spasmolytic action of the drug is used in intestinal and biliary colic.

"Corvalol" take before meals, two to three times a day for 15-30 drops. Pre-drops dissolved in 30-50 ml of water. The dose can be increased to 30-40 drops in vascular spasm, tachycardia. Children appoint 3-15 drops of the drug. "Corvalol" tablets take one or two jokes two or three times a day before meals. For tachycardia can you take at one time to three pills.

The duration of intake "Corvalol" is determined by the doctor according to the indications individually. During administration of the drug is necessary to observe extreme caution when operating machinery, driving a transport, the classroom activity that requires concentration, speed of reaction. It is impossible to take remedy with alcohol, which intensifies the effect of the "Korvalola" and exacerbates the side effects.

"Corvalol": contraindications, side effects

"Corvalol" is contraindicated in severe renal and hepatic insufficiency, during lactation, in cases of hypersensitivity. The drug is used with caution during pregnancy. "Corvalol" can cause a decrease in heart rhythm, drowsiness, dizziness, diminished ability to concentrate, allergies. Prolonged use of the drug may lead to addiction, dependence, to cause withdrawal symptoms.

The consequences of addiction to natural remedy: reduce the effectiveness of normal doses leads to the necessity of its increase, the result is to develop and strengthen the symptoms of overdose. Overdose "Pills" is manifested in the reduction of pressure, depression of the nervous system, nystagmus, conjunctivitis, ataxia, chronic poisoning bromine (rhinitis, hemorrhagic diathesis). Appear violation of motor coordination, depression, apathy). Treatment of overdose consists of symptomatic treatment.

Advice 5: How to drink "Corvalol"

"Sage" is a sedative vasodilator drug that is widely used for insomnia, irritability, hypochondriac syndrome, neurotic States. Medication may be applied to the relief of spasms and relieving symptoms of functional disorders of the cardiovascular system.
How to drink "Corvalol"
The drug should not be used in severe hepatic or renal failure. Prohibited the use of "Sage" in the period of lactation. If a woman requires prescribing medication, a physician may be considered a variant of transfer of the child patients on alternative feeding methods. It should be noted that the tool is contraindicated during pregnancy. Use only it should not exceed the assigned dose. When deterioration should stop taking the drug and seek the advice of a specialist.
Among the side effects "Corvalol" noted increased drowsiness, dizziness, blurred attention. Some patients can have allergic reactions and also the symptoms of poisoning by bromine, among which are marked depression, rhinitis, disorders of coordination of movements, diathesis, conjunctivitis.
The remedy should be taken orally, dissolved in a small amount of water (30-50 ml). Drink the medication immediately before eating 15-30 drops, depending on the practitioner. If necessary (for example, at the time of the attack of tachycardia), the dosage may be increased to 50 drops. Sentencing children to do the solution of 3-15 drops per day. The dose selected should depend on the child's age and variety of his illness. The course of treatment is determined by a specialist in accordance with individual needs of the patient.
Because the drug contains phenobarbital and about 80% ethanol, during the period of treatment the patient is not recommended to engage in activities that require high concentration and speed of reaction. The drug slows down the nervous system, and therefore after receiving, you must be careful to drive cars.
Long-term use "Corvalol" a person may develop dependence to the drug. For a complete rejection of the tools you may need to consult a doctor. Also at long use of medication possible accumulation of bromine in the body, which can cause corresponding effects to the body. For example, as a result of intoxication, the possibility of very deep sleep in which the person fails to Wake, or constant fatigue. In severe overdose starts depression of the Central nervous system, amnesia, incoherent speech, euphoria, low blood pressure, and in special cases, and coma.
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