The name of this drug is already long and well known, and the price is extremely affordable, so anyone can keep calm" in my home medicine Cabinet and take. But before you drink the remedy, is to examine its composition and the recommended dosage.

The main active substance in the vehicle - ethylbromoacetate and phenobarbital. Their properties are due to the main effect of "Corvalol" - calming. It nervous tension "Corvalol" and is intended to remove. As auxiliary substances (in much lower doses) there is peppermint oil which also helps relieve stress. Also "sage" has a vasodilatory effect, and therefore, it is difficult to talk about the real treatment of any heart attack, but the pain in the heart due to nervous tension, especially, "Corvalol" will be the best choice.

In any case, it is recommended to take "Corvalol"?

Sedative and vasodilator action "Corvalol" will be very appropriate not only under stress, but in the case of significant difficulties falling asleep (insomnia), increased irritability (as symptomatic treatment), tachycardia, for the treatment of pain or spasm.

How to take a "sage"?

The instructions stated that one appointment is enough to instill 15-30 drops of "Sage" (just before eating). You can increase the dose to 40-50 drops in case of severe tachycardia.

Please note that "Sage", like any other medicines there are contraindications. Of course, these include individual intolerance of the drug components, as well as problems with kidneys or liver. Because the drug is a sedative, for its reception should be especially attentive to the people whose professional duties require attention and care, responsibility and quick response.

Attention! And just to remind people - despite the fact that "sage" is sold without a prescription, it is not necessary to assign it to themselves. The single "Sage" is valid, but before you take this medicine course, always consult your doctor!