Advice 1: Is it possible to get married for the second time

Wedding is one of the seven sacraments. Orthodox people entering this great thing is when I want to witness their relationship before God and receive blessings for a life together, the birth and upbringing of children. But, unfortunately, some Church marriages break up and in front of people, the question may arise concerning the possibility of a second wedding.
Is it possible to get married for the second time

The Holy Scripture clearly tells us that the combined God could not be separated by man. In the sacrament of the Holy wedding, the couple become one and form a family. People served God's grace to help them in family life. However, it is not always possible to preserve the integrity of marriage. There are parting, to which the Church is bad. If couples break up because you don't get along or partner fails to satisfy in bed, the possibility of re-wedding in the future is missing.

However, the Church descends to human weaknesses. There are regulations that indicate the restart of the wedding in some cases. But the second Church marriage permission gives only the ruling Bishop.

So remarriage for example, when the death of a spouse. The Apostle Paul says that you can marry, but it's better to be a widow or a widower. If the first family ties were destroyed because of infidelity and one side did not forgive another, it is reason to divorce. Entry into a second marriage may be permitted by the Bishop. Legal barriers to divorce can be considered as chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, HIV and syphilis. Re the wedding may also be permissible with the blessing of the Archpastor.

In practice, there are also other cases of permission for a second marriage. But they all accepted the ruling Bishop of a diocese (particular Church). In the case of the last Church allows a man a second wedding.

Advice 2 : Who shouldn't be married in the Church

Today, many couples seek marriage to perform the wedding ceremony. Some, being deeply religious, do it consciously and according to the canons of the Orthodox Church. Others, as atheists, are new trends of fashion, go to Church to celebrate your marriage a beautiful solemn rite.
Who shouldn't be married in the Church
There are a number of reasons, which do not allow the couple to Church to get married, is married.


The first and inviolable rule: the married couple should be baptized. If young people belong to different Christian denominations, then one of them will have to make a choice in favor of the Orthodox Church. Representatives of different faiths to get married can't.

The Orthodox Church does not recognize a legal wedding in a Catholic or Protestant Church.

Freedom from the bonds of marriage

The prohibition of marriage extends to one who was associated by marriage with another person. Regardless of where the marriage is concluded: the Department of the registry office or Church (the latter, incidentally, government and law is not recognized). Marriage should be terminated, and if it was a Church marriage is required to obtain official permission from the Bishop for a blessing on a new marriage. More than three times married is not permitted.

The lack of relationship

It is forbidden to join the Church marriage between blood relatives up to the fourth knee. Prohibited a wedding between the friends who took part in the rite of baptism of the same child. Imposed a ban on wedding godparents and godchild.

The wedding ceremony prohibited during the four Great Fasts, on Easter week.

The wedding ceremony

If young decided to get married, they should contact the priest of the Church, where they intend to get married to with him to choose the day of the wedding. The Church calendar contains many days in which to get married.

The conditions of modern life have prompted the Orthodox Church to demand from young presentation before the wedding marriage certificate issued by the division Registrar. A pregnant bridesmaid may not be an obstacle to the wedding.

An important attribute of the wedding are the rings. It can be simple rings of gold, although in earlier periods of the Orthodox Church of the Golden ring meant for husband and wife is silver.

Of course, the day of the wedding outfits of the bride and groom must match the solemnity of the event. Modern wedding fashion for brides offers chic dresses, at times more relevant to society balls, than in the sacrament of marriage. The bride, a dress that is too bare shoulders and chest, should have capes, which will make the dress more fitting for a wedding. The bride's head must be covered with a veil or with a veil.

Should definitely think about shoes because the wedding may last more than two hours, and during this time, young will have to stand on his feet.
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