To get married is needed in order to bless their marriage. Paincauses, the spouses receive the grace of God, it will help them to build their Union in unity and love, to be United body and soul, and to educate children in Christian morality.

The wedding is not giving any benefits to the family, it is not a guarantee of family happiness and deliverance from life's difficulties. The married couple must walk together through all the trials, which will meet on their path of life and solve their difficulties. Faith will help them in this matter.

Wedding need to have two loving people has always been the hope of each other and in God, had confidence in the strength of the relationship. To the love boat crashed against life requires great courage and great love. Wedding is a kind of certificate of maturity of feelings, deciding to get married, you have to understand that you are responsible for the integrity of the boat before God.

That family is created for eternity, the young will resemble the ring – a symbol of infinity. Wear them during the betrothal of couples. The crowns worn on the heads of the spouses, represent their Royal dignity, because they should build their own Kingdom by their own laws, and nobody can prevent them.

Before the wedding you need to confess and receive communion at the Liturgy. This is to ensure that before entering into a new life cleansed of sin, internally updated. For three days prior to the ordinances, it is desirable to fast, to think about spiritual things, to listen to your soul.

Venas man and woman must understand that they marry once and for life. Christianity, of course, allows for stains, treating the family as a living organism, which can at any moment to die. But if you decide to seal their marriage in the bonds of the Church, approach it with all responsibility.