General guidelines

Most doctors agree that sweets while breastfeeding you can eat, but in limited quantities. You need to completely exclude from a diet all kinds of sweet drinks, chocolate and its derivatives, fatty cakes with cream.

In the list of "allowed" sweets got marmalade (the most natural and no dyes), candy, marshmallows, low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese cakes, dried fruits, a variety of candied fruit and baked apples.

The fact is that young children breastfeeding is often the allergies or the common digestive problems if their mothers eat right.

In the past, doctors have allowed nursing mothers to use condensed milk, because it was believed that her breast milk becomes tastier and fatter. But modern, condensed milk, saturated with preservatives and additives, ill-suited for the role of healthy and safe food, so it too is excluded from the diet, of course, if you don't want to do a home version of this delicacy.

The timing and the nuances of power

After three months of breastfeeding you can gradually introduce new types of products. When in your diet will milk, cocoa, butter and other pastry "things", you can treat yourself with a homemade dessert like cake "potato". In General, a good homemade cakes at feeding time, you can please yourself more often than store bought, since it lacks a variety of preservatives.

However, starting there is a new product, especially when it comes to sweets, be very careful, do not eat a new, unfamiliar your baby food in large quantities, because his digestive system is quite weak and may not adequately respond to the new load. If you want sweets, enter them in the diet gradually, over time increasing portions.

After six months of breastfeeding, you can allow yourself to eat any food, but the accuracy to keep still necessary. The fact is that too high sugar content has a negative impact on the health of child and mother. Besides, it is very important to track the occurrence of allergic reactions in children. If your kid has no severe allergic and other negative reactions to the products that you use, you can allow yourself any sweets, even in small quantities. However, you should avoid those that are high in preservatives because they are simply bad for your health.