Some of the food can cause a child colic, allergies, trouble with digestion. But this does not mean that they have to completely give up – you can try to improve the quality of the food. It would help if the baby is allergic to food additives, fertilizers, herbicides and so on. Vegetables and fruits are better to buy in the village, meat and eggs from reliable sellers, to choose those products where the number of food additives is minimal.

What foods not to eat nursing mothers

That completely should be excluded from the nursing mothers diet:
- alcohol and strong coffee;
- condiments, spicy sauces;
- canned food, semi-finished products;
- meat that has not been a sufficient heat treatment.

With some products you just have to be careful – after eating them to closely monitor the child's response. In identifying allergies the amount of that food need to reduce or even abandon it. It's white bread and cow's milk, poultry, eggs, red fish and seafood, sausages, eggs, meats and soy, red fruits and berries, mayonnaise, tomatoes, chocolate, cocoa, vacuum-Packed products.

The list is quite long. But from these products is not necessary to give up completely – enough to make their use reasonable. This is especially true of eating different delicacies and Goodies. New products you can try to eat in small portions, carefully watching the child's reaction.

What not to eat nursing mothers, if the baby has colic

In the first three months of life occurrence of colic in the child – the norm. But this does not mean that we should not try to reduce or prevent them. One of the causes of colic is improper nutrition of the mother, for example, if she eats foods that cause gas formation. Nursing mothers can't eat these foods, which can cause the child's flatulence:
- carbonated beverages;
- cow's milk;
- cucumbers and cabbage;
- pears and grapes;
- beans, peas, bell peppers.

If gas-forming foods are eliminated or reduced to a minimum, and the child still suffers from colic, most likely, the mother should be treated. The reason may be the lack of mom any enzymes for the digestion of food, which means that the child is having problems with the complete digestion of milk.

Proper diet, and regular consultations with your doctor will help to provide the child with nutrition.