Benefits and harms of cocoa

The main reason why cocoa is not recommended for use during breast-feeding is its high allergenicity. Moreover, it contains caffeine which affects the CNS stimulating effect. Similar effects on the body of a newborn is highly undesirable. Harm and the alkaloid theobromine, which is included with cocoa. It not only stimulates the cardiovascular and nervous systems, but also removes calcium from the body. However, such properties of theobromine can occur only if consumption of the beverage in large quantities.

However, the composition of cocoa contains elements that can positively affect the body condition of the mother and child. The same theobromine is able to suppress the cough reflex, it relieves spasms of coronary vessels and cerebral vessels, has a tonic effect. Contained in cocoa proteins and fatty acids normalize the level of cholesterol in blood, prevent the development of atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of occurrence of varicose veins.

Essential fatty acids (stearic, oleic, palmitic, linolenic) promote cell regeneration, struggle with their aging, strengthen the immune system, prevent the development of cancer. Cocoa is an excellent stimulator of the process of production of endorphins (happiness hormones). These substances increase your vitality, improve mood, increase mental activity.

Cocoa breastfeeding

Some women drink cocoa in small amounts to increase lactation. In their opinion, the use of the drink is not harmful. However, many pediatricians recommend introducing cocoa into the diet only after several weeks or months after birth. Try to drink as another new product, is possible only in case if the baby is healthy. For the preparation of cocoa, use low fat milk or dilute it with water in a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1. Sugar should not be added or put it in very small quantities.

Introduce of cocoa in the diet in their pre-dinner time that it was possible to follow the reaction of the child. To reduce the risk of allergic reactions drink a drink immediately after feeding to increase the time between feedings to the breast. The appearance of the baby signs of Allergy (rash, itching, redness on the skin), discontinue the use of cocoa. If all is well, you can drink a small Cup of this drink 1-2 times a week.