What foods not to eat nursing mothers

During breast-feeding is not recommended to use products containing different allergens (honey, citrus, smoked, snack, hindering digestion (grapes, candy), foods that worsen the taste of milk (asparagus, garlic, onion). During this period a woman is not to overeat. Do not eat foods that cause flatulence (cabbage, beans) because in this case the baby will be intestinal colic. Drinking large amounts of sweet can cause the child allergic dermatitis.

A nursing mother should completely exclude from the diet fried and fatty meals, fatty meats (lamb, pork). You can't eat meat that has not been a thorough heat treatment, because it can cause an intestinal infection in a newborn. Not recommended meat broths and all soups should be cooked only on the water. In the period of breast feeding a woman may want to eliminate from the diet cow's milk, because many newborn babies there is an intolerance of milk protein. From the diet completely eliminated soda, alcoholic drinks, all kinds of juices except Apple. Mineral water drinking is not recommended, it can give an extra load on the kidneys baby.

The diet of a breastfeeding mother

Nutritionists recommend nursing mothers to cook buckwheat, corn or rice cereals. Before cook porridge, you must first pour the grits in cold water and leave for a few hours. Then it is necessary to drain the water, pour grits in clean water and then boil it. Will also be useful meat dishes of rabbit, beef, chicken meat without skin, steamed or baked in the oven. You should consume dairy products (yogurt, bio kefir, low fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese). The total number of dairy products should not exceed 500 g per day. Not to keen on cheese, it can cause constipation in children.

A breastfeeding woman can have apples and pears, peeled. In summer you can eat apricots and cherries. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be introduced into the diet gradually, this requires to observe the reaction of the child. Vegetables allowed are potatoes, zucchini, in small amounts, beets and carrots. In diet breastfeeding must be included bread and cereals. Lactating woman should drink about two liters of water a day. Allowed weak green or black tea, stewed fruit and the dining room still water.