It was once thought that breastfeeding a woman must adhere to a rigid diet. Things are different now. There are some recommendations how to eat a young mother.

Vitamins and nutrients

The female organism is arranged so that the milk the baby receives all the necessary substances and vitamins. If the mother is not enough uses them, it begins to rapidly lose weight, lose hair and teeth. The composition of breast milk remains practically unchanged, even when the woman is very badly fed. Therefore, a varied diet of nursing mothers is the key to its own health.

Colic newborn

To reduce the risk of intestinal colic, for young mothers is not recommended foods that promote excessive gas production: peas, beans, corn, fresh baked goods, cucumbers, cabbage. Also not especially helpful for a baby is breastfed, if the mother eats grapes and raisins. This fruit enhances digestion and helps colic and diarrhea in the newborn.

Instead of baking you can eat with tea lingering cookies "Maria" or "Zoo". It is believed that it is easier to digest and does not contribute to leg of the baby and the cookies not too sweet, which reduces the risk of allergies.

Doctors advise nursing mothers to use in their kitchen, hot spices, much to fry meals. Spicy and fatty load to the liver of both the mother and her baby. Mushrooms – too much heavy food for the young mother.

Dairy products are essential to a young mother, as it will ensure the intake of calcium. If they are not in the diet, you quickly will start the tooth decay will be losing hair and flaky nails. Because the calcium for the baby still goes into the milk, but it will happen due to the leaching of it from the mother's body.

However, with whole milk you have to be careful too. In pure form it often provokes colic or Allergy. It is better to cook the porridge, and every day is cottage cheese with sour cream.

Allergy baby

Newborns are extremely susceptible to allergies. With age, her risk is reduced. But while digestion is only getting better (about 3 months) even harmless foods can trigger a reaction in the skin of the baby. Nursing mother do not get involved in sweet, whole milk, chocolate, bright fruit and vegetables (especially red and orange colors), pink and red fish, products containing fragrances, dyes and preservatives. All mother's diet should be as natural. Vegetables is preferable to choose white or green. The same principle will be maintained with respect to feeding.

Fish must be on the table in lactating women. It is desirable that it was a lean white fish: cod, halibut, hake, tilapia etc.

Chicken is also often cause allergies in children. Considered the most tasty rabbit and Turkey. Such meat can cook for Mama nursing baby. But beef should not be forgotten. That red meat is a source of iron.

The basic principle of the selection of allergenic foods: you must eat those vegetables and fruits that grow in this climate. If the mother and child live in the South, they may use a large number of watermelons, melons and bananas, because more than one generation eats them. But the family from the North don't do that, their body has been used genetically to the smaller amount of fruit.

Mom diet during breast feeding should be varied. This will ensure her good health, adequate milk production and health. If pregnant, the woman switched to a proper diet, adjust your diet while breast-feeding her is not difficult. And since such feeding mother do not have much to rebuild, because all of these tips will remain in force in respect of the child.