The principle of operation is sweet in HS

Food with high carbohydrate content may contribute to the development of the necessary hormone, serotonin. Serotanin is responsible for maintaining the body in a constant tone, eliminate insomnia, relieve pain, fatigue. Its deficiency can manifest itself in a significant decline of mood, as well as the desire to eat mountains of sweets. And chocolate and greasy Goodies are actively helping to develop the connection of endorphins.

Is it possible to use the sweet nursing mom

Mommy in the lactation period the baby needs to have a varied and balanced diet. The same applies to beloved confectionery. The consumption of sweets for lactating women is a "distraction". It helps her to relieve uncertainty, irritation, to fill their free time. If the baby has not seen signs of an allergic reaction or deterioration of General condition, it is possible to pamper yourself with something delicious. However, there is no need to get carried away, after all, should know the measure and install it.

What sweets can a nursing mom

In HS should give preference to is dried fruit, crackers, candy and osanobu the cookies. It is also possible to use jams and preserves, marshmallows. To increase the tide of milk very useful sweet tea, which you can add condensed milk. All such guidelines are the place to be, if the baby is no allergic reaction.

Why not a sweet nursing mom

Pastry, when used in large amounts, can oversaturate the organism of mother and baby carbohydrates. For a child it is too excessive strain on virtually all organs and systems.

Sweet nursing women should always be fresh, low calorie and high quality. This may enable prevent blisters, colic and Allergy in your baby.