Cause of chickenpox is the virus Varicella-Infection from the family trust. It is very volatile and spreads quickly through airborne droplets. For infections, not necessarily to contact with the patient enough to be with him in one room, it is no wonder that the infection is called chickenpox.

Possible ways of infection and the likelihood of developing the disease

It is considered that children under 3 months who are breastfed are protected by maternal immunity from many diseases, including chickenpox. Once a refresher of it, the body produces antibodies that protect human life. Therefore, if the mother has had chickenpox, the child up to that age it will not get sick.

Infect your baby before birth, if a pregnant get sick with chicken pox in 2-3 days before the baby arrives. This is due to the fact that antibody production takes time, 5 to 7 days, and the organism has not time to cope with the virus. The baby is born already with chicken pox, which in this case can proceed in the heavy form.

Also there is no protection in babies whose mothers have not had chickenpox and have not been vaccinated against this infection. The probability to be infected and in children on artificial food. They have a disease too can get very ill.

Getting chicken pox after contact with the patient appears likely to have all the kids over 3 months old. During this period, those who are breastfed continue to receive antibodies in the mother, so the disease is mild. The other kids carry the virus more difficult.

Dangerous than chicken pox?

Chickenpox is a disease characterized by vesicular rash. The main feature is the pimples appear not all at once but in stages. Period rash lasts 3 to 8 days. Each time the rash is accompanied by deterioration appear:

- high temperature, which does not break medicines;
- body aches;
is the itching.

Lesions are located around the baby's body, on the outer and inner organs, and mucous membranes. This is one of the factors of danger, the child may start to choke. He refuses to eat due to the pain and becomes very Moody.

Intense itching and pain are constant companions of chickenpox. Combing blisters, the child triggers a new rash. The fluid from the pimples are very contagious, it is easy to infect another person. When injected into open wound other infections, the child's condition is deteriorating, may appear purulent sores and bloody spots, after healing will remain scars.

Infection chicken pox babies under one year can become the reason of development of such serious diseases as encephalitis, pneumonia, otitis media. After chickenpox sometimes there are irregularities in the kidneys, heart, nervous system, musculoskeletal system. Repeated infection leads to herpes zoster, occurs infection is very painful.

It is known that complications occur in children with weakened immune systems or with congenital disorders in this area. If the baby was born kripen'ka and zdorovenki, when the first symptoms of chickenpox we should not panic. Call a doctor in the future to accurately implement its recommendations. In most cases, the disease occurs without complications and in an easy manner.