How to choose a cheap car for the family? Making it and go to work every day and children to exercise to take, and the mother with comfort to deliver to the country. And then the question arises: the car in which the body and what class is most definitely fit for this role?

Cheap wagon for the family

Universal is a good solution for families. Still, here and the trunk is roomy, and spacious interior. Immediately have thoughts about the fact that it is possible to transport materials or bags of potatoes. But the cheap universal, especially among foreign cars in the market not so much. The most accessible representatives of this segment are domestic models: Lada Kalina, Lada Priora and Lada Largus. And asking for them minimum 334 500 rubles, 384, 000 and 384, 000 respectively. Cheap? Cheap! But if you consider that "Largus" offer to purchase and a seven-seater cabin, it's safe to say he is perfect for an inexpensive family car.

If you want to own universal car, there are some interesting and fun variants: Skoda Fabia Combi and Seat Ibiza ST, which will have to pay 549 000 and 640 490 rubles, respectively.

Each differently understand the concept of "affordable family car" for somebody else its value should not exceed half a million rubles, and for whom a million. A large number of universals presented in the Golf class, and the most notable of them are the Chevrolet Cruze SW (710 000) and Ford Focus Wagon (745 000).

Cheap crossover for family

The wagon is just a car in a cargo version. What if sometimes you have to move out beyond the road? There is a solution – it is a crossover that is perfectly suited to the role of family car, and yet inexpensive. Most attractive car is the Renault Duster, the base price of which 492 000 rubles. Have another Lifan X60 (from 499 900 rubles), and will soon go on sale Nissan Terrano (from 677 000) – essentially a "prestige" Duster.

With regard to the main advantages of a crossover, it is possible to provide a high ground clearance, roomy interior and decent boot. Ideal for families in the city and beyond on this car you can feel quite confident.

Affordable minivan for the family

The best car for the family, of course, you can call it a minivan. This machine can be inexpensive. The main advantages include a capacious, most seven-seat cabin, a spacious Luggage compartment and wide possibilities of transformation salon. As for the cost, the new minivan would cost more than half a million rubles, but still there are some very attractive options.

For a start, it is a Peugeot Partner Tepee for which in the Russian market, asking for 680 000 rubles. The other options are much more expensive: for example, the popular model of Opel Zafira Family will manage in the sum from 500 rubles 875.