Advice 1: How to meet a deaf-mute girl

In order to meet deaf and dumb girl, you need to know the websites where the communication of people with disabilities of hearing and speech. In real life, you can visit the clubs, the deaf Society or a special club, where they engaged in creative work. For full communication, you will need to learn sign language.
Sign language - means of communication with the deaf
If you have any need or desire to get acquainted with a deaf and dumb girl, you need to first know about the peculiarities of the psyche of such people. The perception of reality they differ in many respects from those who have no problems with hearing or speech. Deaf very well versed in facial expressions, as eyesight is the only way of obtaining reliable information.

These people communicate among themselves and with others using sign language. Therefore, in order to meet a girl that has a deviation in the work of the organs of hearing and speech, you will need to learn if not the entire vocabulary, the basics of this language. This will help to start full-fledged communication and understand each other.

Where to learn sign language?

Sign language special. It is almost completely independent of the sound and is able to convey not only the semantic language, but the many shades of emotions. There are tutorials that have lots of pictures and explanations to them. With their help, you can learn to communicate with deaf people. You should know that every country sign languages differ from each other regardless of whether in this area one audio language. So if the girl is a foreigner, will need to learn the gestures that are used to communicate in a specific region of the state.

However, any language is absorbed much faster and easier during communication. So if there are any deaf club or Palace of culture, which they attend, it makes sense to go there. In many cities there are courses, which teach sign language. In order to master it, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Get help and skill in communicating in deaf Societies, which exist in any large settlements. It should be understood that without practice, any language is quickly forgotten, so if the decision to learn sign language serious, you need to think in advance where and with whom to use it.

Where to meet a deaf girl?

In the first place makes sense to go to the Mail.<url>. There is a communication of tens of thousands of people with disabilities of hearing and speech. Here the easiest way would be to tie a new acquaintance, as this will help ordinary correspondence. In the process you can ask about what sign language uses the girl and try to find the opportunity to learn it. There are specialized sites for the deaf. They have sections for Dating. This is also a great opportunity to start a conversation with a girl you like.

Advice 2: Where and how to meet a girl

At all times boys were interested in the question of how easily and without problems to meet a girl to please her and to establish a relationship in the future. To do this, you need to consider some features of the female character.
Where and how to meet a girl

Where to meet girls?

The most common Dating place is a Mall. Single girls like to go a walk just around the Mall, go to a boutique to try on something to notice a thing for the future. They want the stores usually slow, almost stately. To try to meet you at the Mall would be a good solution. Offer her help in choosing a outfit, hint, for example, that you are an expert in buying women's shoes.

Besides the shopping centre there is still the Central city streets, where people just walk. Weekdays in the evening or on the weekends you'll meet a lot of girls with some friends who decided to go out. This option is for Dating is also very good, but on the streets you'll be more likely to meet strolling pairs of girls, so it's best to go out with a lonely friend.

Bars, clubs, cafes - is also a good place for singles. There are other specifics that will make your Dating much easier – the girls come here to relax and look forward to the comfort of the whole evening, so they don't run. You even will have a chance to move from acquaintance to date.

How to meet girls?

Flirting is the first step to show when meeting a girl your intentions and your character in General. Come to the girl just for the sake of communication that will significantly increase your chances. Calmly walk up to the target and to start, introduce, if you are not familiar, ask how she's doing, and what she would prefer to do in your free time.

Try to know more about it than to talk about themselves. Find out her Hobbies, interests, what she likes or what she doesn't like. Make compliments, but not very zahvalite, otherwise create a false impression. If she is going to ask you questions, try to answer truthfully, but not very critical of anything, so as not to cause negative attitude or irritation to certain things, because you can't yet say for sure that she will be able to share your point of view.

Try to maintain an interesting conversation with your beloved. Hold eye contact, but don't push her look and don't forget to smile during a conversation. Pay attention to the signals that you will be served the girl herself.

If you want to continue with her communication, ask for a phone number or agree to meet again in another setting.

Advice 3: How to communicate with deaf

Human speech is a means of communication, addressed to the ear, and to fully absorb it only through hearing. If a person is born deaf or loses hearing in early childhood, the development of speech is extremely difficult, and deafness develops in deaf-mutism.
Communication through manual alphabet
With any disability, in the case involving compensatory mechanisms: the absence or weakness of one function kompensiruet at the expense of others. People with severe hearing impairments are communication, addressed to the vision. This use a "tool" that is always "in-itself".

The deaf communicate with each other

Deaf people use two types of sign systems – manual alphabet and sign it.

Manual alphabet is a system of manual signs corresponding to the letters. Hand clenched, denotes the letter "a", the palm with straightened fingers clenched and set aside a large "b", etc. Such alphabets vary from language to language. In some countries (e.g. UK) dactylium two hands.

Russian manual alphabet involves dactyladenia one hand (often used right, but that principle does not matter). Arm is bent at the elbow, the hand is in front of the chest.

In sign language gestures do not represent individual letters or sounds, but entire words and concepts. There are sign languages that emerged in the communication of deaf people that are structurally different from verbal languages, and caliraya sign it, reproducing the structure of verbal. It's kind of "bridge" between sign language and the language of the listener.

Deaf typically use sign language as main, and manual – as a support, labeling it the names, titles, technical terms – in short, all that which no concepts-gestures.

Communication deaf hearing

Deaf people do not live in isolation from the "world of hearing", and to be integrated in this "world" of children before entering kindergarten.

Deafness is extremely rare total. In most cases, a person has residual hearing, which is open on certain frequencies and at very high volume. These people are heavy duty with a hearing aid. Full-fledged to hear this, but a certain percentage of auditory information, the person still receives. During class the child wear headphones with powerful sound enhancement.

Teachers of the deaf (teachers and educators working with deaf children) use all available "information channels" to "reach out" to the child's brain. Children early learn to read. In specialized kindergartens all actions are accompanied by a demonstration of signs with words and phrases. Appearing in kindergarten, the child must take the sign "Hello" and leaving "Bye," after eating "Thank you", etc. Demonstration of the plates combined with gestures, dactyladenia. Teaching the child the manual alphabet, the teacher teaches him to fold lips, respectively, the letters, puts his hand to the cheek, throat or nose, the child felt the vibration.

Thanks to these efforts, most children are able to develop to a certain extent even a sound. They say such people slurred their speech different in tone, but if you want you can understand them. Such people are able to read lips, which allows them to understand hearing. Communicating with deaf or hard of hearing person, can not turn away or cover your mouth.

Still, the communication of the deaf people with hearing remains difficult. In everyday life such people are usually using notes. In some cases, deaf people are helped by sign language interpreters. The need for their services arises when the deaf go to the doctor, give evidence to the police or in court, dealing with officials. Currently, there are even Orthodox churches, where worship services are held with the participation of the interpreter. Unfortunately, the number of sign language interpreters in the Russian Federation small: 1,000 deaf people, has only three sign language interpreters. The solution to this problem – in the future.

Advice 4: How to meet a girl by correspondence

The modern pace of life leaves little time for a personal life. But how to meet a girl, if you can not often go to clubs, restaurants and other establishments where you can meet your soulmate? You need to use the world wide web!
getting on the Internet
Sign up in social networks and on Dating sites (Vkontakte, Facebook, Mamba, Loveplanet), find the girl you like. Don't send her banal messages like "How are you", "What are you doing", "Let's get acquainted". Also don't do compliments about how beautiful she is, slim and stunning. Believe me, with this your approach the girl will not set you apart from the crowd of fans who dream to meet her. The message should be unusual, it should be of interest to her.

If you don't know what should be the first message, study it page: interests, Hobbies, passions, etc. for Example, if she is a student of any educational institution, write her this message "Hey. You have there at the University (College, school, high school) all the girls are so adorable or you're the only one who does this?". A lady will definitely surprise your unusual approach to Dating and she will want to reply that she alone is the most charming lady in his school. This is just one example, show imagination!

More kidding. You don't think about the burden of life and do not tell the lady about my problems. In any case this can not be done! Make a note of positivity in your virtual communication, which may eventually become real.

Write competently. Of course, it is not necessary to be a linguist, but know the basic rules of the Russian language you need. Read special literature. Also you have to show your erudition. Tell us about your interests, Hobbies, ask a girl what she likes to do. If, for example, she likes to have fun, invite her out and bring on your party.

Don't be pushy. If a girl said to you with a refusal, you do not need to persuade her to talk to you. Compliment her and leave her alone. Maybe after some time she will write to you, and you'll make friendly casual conversation.

As can be seen, to meet a girl by correspondence using various methods. Only here you need to understand that there is no guarantee that the lady will want to communicate with you. And here it may be in many factors. Maybe she has a young man? Or she just doesn't like online Dating? Perhaps, you simply do not like. The reasons may be different, it is important not to despair and try to strike up a virtual conversation with other ladies.

Advice 5: How to learn sign language

The language of gestures is a nonverbal way of communication hard of hearing people. This is the use of hand gestures in combination with body position, facial expressions and the shape of the lips.
How to learn sign language
It should be noted that sign language is not universal for all languages of the world. Have a non-verbal language in each country has its own that do not coincide with other alphabet and dictionary. In the beginning, by the way, have to learn it the alphabet (in this case, it's a dactyl), although in colloquial speech the gesture will mean not the letter, and the word or phrase. But those who have already mastered sign language, I advise you to do so. Moreover, that study will have to spend a couple of days. Three or four will be spent on the development of addresses, numbers, measures, time, grammar.
To learn the basic gestures used, we can say on the Internet various allowances, books. However, a much faster and easier you can learn sign language, if you learn using video tutorials. In a lot of them can be found on sites devoted to the study of gestures. As a rule, all of the material there is divided into themes. In the first lessons, you will learn about the everyday, commonly used words. Each lesson touches upon a subject, for example, family. The teacher will teach you such words as mother, father, child, and many others.
When you have accumulated a base, you can move on to more difficult subjects: the expression of feelings, emotions, relationships, health, medicine, travel. natural phenomena, politics, justice, laws, religion and trade. It should be noted that any word that you will need, you will be able to quickly find this website through alphabetical index or the search bar.
Some of these services offer more and some content (articles), which maybe clearer and faster to understand than live and think as people for whom the gift of sound - unattainable wealth. In addition, you can develop an understanding of the psychology of deaf people and subtleties of sign language.
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