Women have formed a definite opinion about the need to remove hair from the armpits, but men still for this reason there are some differences.

Men often do not understand why some individuals of their sex shave your armpits. In fact, according to many of them, a clean armpit without vegetation is a sign of femininity. Some men are hair removal, not only the armpits but also the groin area and legs. Of course, not all girls like young men with shaved legs, which glisten in the sun. But as they say, on taste and color of comrades there.

Reasons why you need to shave your armpits men

A man primarily needs to be a man and not a filthy animal, which is a kilometer unpleasant smell. After shaving the stubble on his face in the habit of men. Although in the past men did not shave, but it's not a smoothly shaven face is a sign of femininity. People are always sweating, it's his natural state. But the sweat has no odor. This property give bacteria a very good feeling from the armpits of a person. It's warm, wet, because hair is not allowed to evaporate sweat. That is why clean and smooth armpits emit less odor than the armpits, the owner of which decided to leave the hair in its place.

In addition, many women are more attracted to guys without the extra vegetation than being "real" men are brutal.

Men's arguments against shaving

Men are totally against shaving of the armpits. They find many arguments. Some people say that the hair adds masculinity, and shave them only effeminate individuals. Body hair is a secondary sex characteristic. If nature has created the hairs under his armpits, so they carry some meaning, and do not need to get rid of what you own. It is clear that sometimes guys just hide behind these excuses my laziness. They think that shaving the underarms can be time consuming, and they even stubble on the face is not always regularly shave.

Young guys may not specifically get rid of their "dignity" than show their "maturity" and maturity.

Anyway, the choice remains with men. Only they can solve, to care for them themselves and their body or not. Women often do not Express dissatisfaction about the availability of hair in men, some even like it, but someone simply can not blame a loved one in any way.