Advice 1: Does the man shave their armpits

Many men can not understand why their compatriots shave their armpits. According to these "males", pristine armpit considered the prerogative of women are getting rid of vegetation almost all over the body.
Does the man shave their armpits

Why is it necessary to shave armpits?

Some men do not lag behind ladies they shave their groin area, armpits, and some even legs. Of course, the young man with bald legs looks unconventional, but as you like.

The modern man should be a man and not an animal and smell, respectively. Shaving the stubble on the face and underarms not time consuming. Moreover, the removal of hair from underarms do not need a lot of time, and the cuts will not be as noticeable as on the face.

The man needs to shave her armpits for the sake of their hygiene, especially in summer. In hot weather sweating a person has hairy armpits much stronger smell than the smooth. The allocation of sweat remains on the hair, therefore they should be washed thoroughly.
If hair is removed, the smell is pronounced softly. And in transport, do not hesitate to raise his hand to hold the handrail.

In addition, many women believe that a body without hair it looks more attractive. The man on the beach with no vegetation on the body to fascinate more women than a young man with hair on the armpits.

Arguments against shaving

Men who are totally against shaving, it may be advisable to carefully trim the hairs or shorten them with a machine. However, some are not satisfied with even this option. Such young people give the following arguments in support of its position.

Increased hairiness of the body is one of the secondary sexual characteristics of the stronger sex, a consequence of the hormone testosterone. It turns out that in the subconscious of the women recorded that a man should be hairy. Again the nature of reason, endowed people with hair, why go against it?

Some are just too lazy to shave periodically. It's one thing to shave the face, another to handle the rest of the place, and the lack of time affects.

Others, mostly young men, leaving hair on armpits, trying to show that they were men.
They believe that it is look more attractive in the eyes of the girls.

Anyway, the choice is up to the men! Of course, it is best to consult with your loved ones, and worked together to solve this issue. By the way, some women did not object to moderate hairy.

Advice 2 : How guys shave their armpits

Previously, young people did not remove vegetation from the armpits, but now waxing is the norm. After shaving the hair on the shirt less stains from sweat, since the skin breathes better. To carry out the procedure at home is not difficult, even if you don't have certain skills.
How guys shave their armpits
You will need
  • - the machine;
  • is shaving foam;
  • - after shave lotion.
Take a hot shower or bath, wash armpits with soap and water. Apply on the skin a little scrub – this will help to remove dead epithelial layer, which will prevent ingrown hairs.
Apply foam to shaveI or gel. Wait a few minutes for the skin softened and prodezinfitsirovat. Flowing movements remove hair in the direction of their growth. Of course, shaving against the growth not only helps to get rid of unwanted vegetation, but also to achieve the best results. But after may be redness and burning.
Rinse the foam from the skin. Let's see if places remained reprobate sections, remove hair machine, after inflicting a fresh batch of gel.
In the end, moisten the skin with lotion after shaving. If in the first days of redness, use a cream with salicylic acid or zinc. If a strong inflammation help calendula tincture – clean the skin several times a day. Until it subsides, don't use deodorant.
If every time after hair removal machine you have discomfort, try to do it with a depilatory cream. Apply it on clean skin, wait 5-7 minutes and remove with a special spatula or sponge. Procedure is carried out as necessary. Try to pinpoint the exact time to not have skin burns.
Shaving need only sharp cassette. If during the procedure it became badly cut hair – replace with a new one to avoid irritation. Use quality shaving foam, which reduces the friction of the machine on the skin.
Useful advice
Long hair with armpits is best to first remove podstekolnoj machine, only then to wax the machine. So you will achieve perfectly smooth skin without irritation.

Advice 3 : Do I need to shave their armpits

Modern fashion dictates its own rules, which sometimes can even be at odds with what nature has created. For example, it is believed that the hair of the person should be only on the head, and with the rest of the vegetation a better deal. But do I have to do this?
Do I need to shave their armpits

What armpit hair

The scientists have several hypotheses about what function is performed by the hair growing in the armpits. First and foremost, in the armpits are lymph nodes. Exposure to UV light can lead to very unpleasant consequences – cancer. Dense vegetation also protects the area from sunlight. Hair reduce the friction that occurs while walking, while moving arms are held along the body. Another version is that the hair perfectly absorb odors, including the natural secret to having a musky scent attracting the opposite sex. The thicker the hair, the brighter the smell and, therefore, more attractive people. At least, so certainly believed by the ancient people until then, until he decided that the shaved armpit look more aesthetic.
The smell of sweat remains on the hair. In the air it oxidizes rapidly and becomes unpleasant, so the ability to absorb odors doesn't always work for the benefit of man.

Is it harmful to shave their armpits

Modern man no longer has the need to protect their armpits in dense vegetation. UV protect sun cream and several layers of clothing, dezodoranty soften the skin and prevent irritation from friction, and armpits, clearly smelling secretions of the sebaceous glands, is unlikely to seem attractive either. Getting rid of hair in this area, you will not cause your body harm.
The only inconvenience may be the irritation after shaving. Use a razor with sharp blades, wipe the skin after the procedure disinfecting lotion and use the cream.

To shave or not to shave

To shave or not to shave their armpits – it's entirely your taste preferences and your ability to resist the opinion of the majority that still believes that women's armpits should be bare mandatory, and men – is highly desirable. Many summer wear are designed in such a way that it is visible to the axilla, and hair in this place will be evident and will not contribute to the image of the stylish and well-groomed person. If you don't care how attractive seem around your armpits, you can leave everything as is, but paying attention to hygiene. In the end, it is your body and you are free to dispose of them at own discretion.

Advice 4 : Why would a man shave their armpits

Scientists still have not figured out why a person in some places the nature of this is amount of hair. Maybe that's why people are so tirelessly fighting with them, because they spoil the appearance and add discomfort.
Why would a man shave their armpits
Women have formed a definite opinion about the need to remove hair from the armpits, but men still for this reason there are some differences.

Men often do not understand why some individuals of their sex shave your armpits. In fact, according to many of them, a clean armpit without vegetation is a sign of femininity. Some men are hair removal, not only the armpits but also the groin area and legs. Of course, not all girls like young men with shaved legs, which glisten in the sun. But as they say, on taste and color of comrades there.

Reasons why you need to shave your armpits men

A man primarily needs to be a man and not a filthy animal, which is a kilometer unpleasant smell. After shaving the stubble on his face in the habit of men. Although in the past men did not shave, but it's not a smoothly shaven face is a sign of femininity. People are always sweating, it's his natural state. But the sweat has no odor. This property give bacteria a very good feeling from the armpits of a person. It's warm, wet, because hair is not allowed to evaporate sweat. That is why clean and smooth armpits emit less odor than the armpits, the owner of which decided to leave the hair in its place.

In addition, many women are more attracted to guys without the extra vegetation than being "real" men are brutal.

Men's arguments against shaving

Men are totally against shaving of the armpits. They find many arguments. Some people say that the hair adds masculinity, and shave them only effeminate individuals. Body hair is a secondary sex characteristic. If nature has created the hairs under his armpits, so they carry some meaning, and do not need to get rid of what you own. It is clear that sometimes guys just hide behind these excuses my laziness. They think that shaving the underarms can be time consuming, and they even stubble on the face is not always regularly shave.

Young guys may not specifically get rid of their "dignity" than show their "maturity" and maturity.

Anyway, the choice remains with men. Only they can solve, to care for them themselves and their body or not. Women often do not Express dissatisfaction about the availability of hair in men, some even like it, but someone simply can not blame a loved one in any way.

Advice 5 : Whether you need to shave your armpits man

In the era of unisex men adopted a lot of feminine habits – manicure, use a white makeup, beauty treatments. But still open question, should a man do shave their armpits? Someone a long time it does, someone thinks such shameful, not worthy of manhood.
Whether you need to shave your armpits man
To the question, why do men shave their armpits, it's best to meet women. The beautiful half of humanity like when near them neat well-groomed guy. The lack of vegetation armpits is aesthetically pleasing. On the beach the body of a man is a wonderful sculpture, not the reason for the whispering behind my back.
Based on the basic concepts of hygiene, it is possible to answer for themselves, a man needs to shave her pits. In the winter, perhaps, the hair in this area will not cause much discomfort. But in hot weather, when sweat flows from his armpits, there is a desire to take the machine and be done with it. Besides, excessive sweating spoils the appearance of things – colored fabrics fade, the white turn yellow. This picture instantly distorts the overall impression of communicating with a nice guy.
Why men shave their armpits if he wears open shirts and use deodorant? But at least for reasons of economy. For shaved armpits requires a much smaller amount of deodorant than hairy. Of course, those who are so dear to the vegetation in the area, not worth anything just buy a new tube of deodorant. But worth thinking about others girls. The presence beside sweating profusely hairy man – not the most pleasant pastime.
The logical question is - how man shave their armpits if the vegetation in this place above the norm? Those who have never done this, you will need detailed instructions. You first need to take a shower, carefully wash the remnants of the deodorant and perspiration.
Then you need to lift one hand, having the elbow bent behind the head, this pose allows you to see your armpit. However, beginners can shave in front of a mirror.
Now we need to soften the hair and protect the skin from cuts. There is useful regular foam for shaving with cooling effect.
Shaving armpits it is better to use the women's press. It is equipped with slippery moisturizing pads, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to the skin. Shaving is carried out first on hair growth, i.e. up against and then down.
Do not have to shave their armpits regularly. You can do it only in the summer or as needed. Unlike women, men are allowed a little "stubble" in this area. Besides men, is not characterized by hairiness, can even do without this procedure. After all, many women love light down on the body of a loved one, which they associate with masculinity.
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