Why is it necessary to shave armpits?

Some men do not lag behind ladies they shave their groin area, armpits, and some even legs. Of course, the young man with bald legs looks unconventional, but as you like.

The modern man should be a man and not an animal and smell, respectively. Shaving the stubble on the face and underarms not time consuming. Moreover, the removal of hair from underarms do not need a lot of time, and the cuts will not be as noticeable as on the face.

The man needs to shave her armpits for the sake of their hygiene, especially in summer. In hot weather sweating a person has hairy armpits much stronger smell than the smooth. The allocation of sweat remains on the hair, therefore they should be washed thoroughly.
If hair is removed, the smell is pronounced softly. And in transport, do not hesitate to raise his hand to hold the handrail.

In addition, many women believe that a body without hair it looks more attractive. The man on the beach with no vegetation on the body to fascinate more women than a young man with hair on the armpits.

Arguments against shaving

Men who are totally against shaving, it may be advisable to carefully trim the hairs or shorten them with a machine. However, some are not satisfied with even this option. Such young people give the following arguments in support of its position.

Increased hairiness of the body is one of the secondary sexual characteristics of the stronger sex, a consequence of the hormone testosterone. It turns out that in the subconscious of the women recorded that a man should be hairy. Again the nature of reason, endowed people with hair, why go against it?

Some are just too lazy to shave periodically. It's one thing to shave the face, another to handle the rest of the place, and the lack of time affects.

Others, mostly young men, leaving hair on armpits, trying to show that they were men.
They believe that it is look more attractive in the eyes of the girls.

Anyway, the choice is up to the men! Of course, it is best to consult with your loved ones, and worked together to solve this issue. By the way, some women did not object to moderate hairy.