Before you shave off the vegetation on the hands, treat the skin with any scrub – this will help to avoid ingrown hairs and remove dead skin epithelium. Of course, if you regularly use the scrub before the procedure do not have to do it again.
Apply shaving foam to wet skin and wait a few minutes. After that, the hair do smooth movements of the machine. Use only secure machines, otherwise you'll cut yourself. Pay attention to the sharpness of the blade cassette needs to be new.
Rinse hands well under running water and apply a moisturizing lotion after shaving. If you have sensitive skin prone to irritation, use a cream with salicylic acid or a wipe of the hand of the weak alcohol solution.
But shaving has a significant drawback – the hairs grow back quickly, become stiff and debatse. If you want hands stay smooth for as long as possible, you must first remove the vegetation epilator and then shave the remaining fine hairs.
Completely replace the the machine will help and wax strips. Hair after using them slowly grow, and their structure is not disturbed. Buy the strips at any store, apply to clean skin of hands and tear off quickly against the hair growth. Of course, the procedure is somewhat painful, but the effect is worth it.
If you can't stand the pain, but not happy with the quality of the shave, use a depilatory cream. Apply a thin layer on the skin, and after 3-7 minutes simply remove with a spatula. It is possible that this procedure will seem more pleasant than shaving. The hairs will grow back in about 1-2 weeks. In any case, you choose. Some women are completely satisfied with the removal of vegetation with hand using machine, but for the sake of curiosity you can try other options.