If you want to get information from the state registry about your own enterprise, make a statement on the letterhead and submit it to the territorial tax authority. In the usual manner the certificate of incorporation is issued within five working days.
If you are going to obtain information about another company or you need urgent statement (will be available on the following business day), you must pay the state fee. Receipt for payment of the state fee in this case is applied to the statement. Payment can be made by Bank transfer or in cash through the cash Desk of Sberbank.
The application for obtaining extracts from the state register shall be issued in a free form. Specify in the letter the following information: name and legal form of the enterprise about which you want information, its main state registration number (OGRN), taxpayer identification number (TIN) and the code of the reason of registration (KPP).
Specify the letter type of discharge (regular or emergency) and explain the reasons why you need to get the data from the Unified state register of legal entities (for example, to process a Bank loan). If you want to get a statement by mail, please indicate this in the text and write the address for correspondence. The letter must be signed by a duly authorized person and stamped.
There is another method of obtaining extracts from the register, but he works not for all regions. Apply for production certificate of incorporation and to obtain information about the timing of its implementation can be on the Internet. To become more familiar with the terms of the order of the statements, go to the website and click on the section "E-services" paragraph "acquisition of extracts from EGRUL/egrip".