The unified form of an extract from the document exists, therefore, when compiling be sure to follow the normative acts and internal documents of the organization. In the main document, highlight the text that you want to see in the statement. If you want to reprint it in full, allocate nothing. On a clean sheet in the Central upper part of the document, type the name of the organization completely. Just below the name of document, e.g., "extract from the order No. 12 dated 01.02.2012".
Rewrite the exact wording of the copied document. For example, if it's an order you can write the summative fragment, not forgetting about the word "Order". If you make an extract from the Protocol, enter the word "Decided" or "Resolved". If you copy only a few paragraphs, be sure to keep them numbered (even if they appear through numbers). Remember that you must fully reproduce the original text without adding any words, phrases, and even changing the endings, that is, you must quote the document.
After the main text must be signed by the person who has signed the main document. If you make an extract from the minutes, it must be signed by all employees, whose signature is on the original document. Just below verifying all information with his / her signature, surname, initials and position. Do not forget to put the stamp of the organization. If the document is required for internal use, it will be enough to put a stamp to the paperwork.
Be sure to sign the document by the Secretary or other authorized person, he should write "True" to specify your initials and signature. Without this wording, the document will be invalid.