You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Deregistration occurs when the temporary or the permanent retirement of the previous place of residence. Leaf 's departure is proof that a citizen changes the place of residence. Extract from a former residence (deregistration) can pass in two options – voluntary and involuntary.
If you have decided on their own to be discharged from the privatized apartments, ask for solution of a question to the passport office at the place of previous residence. Write a statement (it can be handwritten or in electronic form) to the passport office. Give a statement your passport, so it did need a record of the removal from the register. You will be given a receipt, which need to go to any branch of the savings Bank for payment.
Within three days you will receive passport back and get a second instance of the so-called sheet of departure. This document will be presented to the housing authority at the new place of residence for acceptance for registration. It will be sent then at the previous place of residence to confirm the deregistration.
From your statements in leaf 's departure, information about your new living space the new address. If you just do not possess the data, specify the area where you are traveling. Documents confirming the new address to show is not necessary.
If you abduct a minor child, provide the passport guy a special permit to move is obtained in the bodies of guardianship and guardianship.
For urgent relocation to a new place of residence, when circumstances did not allow timely to issue a piece of departure, contact the passport office at the new address. In this case, you will supply two passport – stamp on the statement and the new registration.
If the court ruled on the eviction, the loss of rights of use of premises or the registration was carried out illegally, deregistration and issuance of a leaf of departure shall be made without the consent of the citizens.