You will need
  • - the Charter;
  • - passports of the members of the LLC;
  • - INN;
  • - Bin;
  • - certificate of incorporation, zaverennaya notary;
  • - a statement in the prescribed form.
Pick the codes OKVED for including them in the statement. Code may not be less than three digits. Better to anticipate potential changes in the types of activities in the future, to not have to add types of economic activities again.
If the Statute OOO contains specific information about the types of activities, it is necessary to amend the Statute to include the types of activitiesthat OOO is planning to do. To do this, hold a General meeting to put the question on the Bylaw change. At the end of the meeting you need to prepare a Protocol with the decision on the amendment. In that case, if the Charter contains many of the types of activities or present vague wording, such as "other types permitted by Russian law to commercial activities, "to amend the Charter is not required.
Prepare a statement in the prescribed form to the tax office. You will also need the following documents: list of new codes of types of activities (it is served in a free form), Charter with amendments, INN and OGRN, the passport copies of all participants , OOO, notarized certificate of incorporation. In that case, if you make changes to the Statute also requires payment of the registration fee for the addition of NACE.
Bring the documents to the registering authority. Under current law, you can submit the documents personally or send them by mail. Changes register within seven working days and you will receive a document confirming the registration of adding types of activities. Remember that starting business in a new direction in law you can only once in the State register will be made new NACE codes according to your types of activities.