You will need
  • Receipt of payment of registration fee, an inspection certificate vehicle registration plates of the vehicle, certificate of vehicle registration, identity document, registration document or technical certificate of the vehicle
To fill in a statement of withdrawal from account TS, it is necessary, first, to know the name of the registration unit. These data can be obtained by phone or on the website of the traffic police section "traffic police in the regions." Then you should specify the surname, name and patronymic and below to describe the reason for removing the vehicle from accounting (sale, disposal, etc.). After you must describe the documents that are attached to the application (receipt of payment of registration fee, an inspection of the vehicle, a registration mark of vehicle, registration certificate of vehicle, identity document, registration document or technical passport of vehicle)
Later in form in the beginning of the frame, it is necessary to fill the column "owner Information" in this column are filled in the personal data of the owner of the vehicle, such as: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, identification documents, place of residence, nationality, gender, and TIN(if available).
After providing information about the owner you must provide information about the vehicle. These data can be obtained from the vehicle documents. This section is filled: the state registration, chassis number, color, identification number (VIN), engine capacity, make, model, environmental class max permitted weight, unladen, type of vehicle, passport, vehicle, manufacturer, category (A, b, C, D, trailer – E), year of manufacture, vehicle identification number (frame) of the registration document.
Next, you count "representative of the owner", this column is filled in case the removal from the accounting of vehicle produces not the owner and his representative. In this column will need to fill in: surname, name, patronymic of the representative of the owner), date of birth, identity document, address of residence, phone number and a power of attorney (date, registration number if available).
After filling in all the fields, you need to put the numbers and painting, the date puts better yet, when will be the removal of the vehicle from the account (if application is pre-populated).