You will need
  • - the passports of both parents and copies of them
  • - birth certificate of the child and its copy
  • certificate of marriage registration and its copy
  • - a statement from the parents
  • - extract from the house book or house book - when staying in a private home
  • - extract from the personal account of housing
After the birth of the child needs to receive a number of documents, which are indispensable for its further service in the clinic setting to kindergarten, etc. belongs To them residence the baby, i.e. the registration by place of residence. To prescribe it to their own, only one of the parents or guardians.
If the parents are registered at different locations, the child is better to prescribe where it will actually reside. This will make it easier in the future medical care training.
When the official registration of marriage, the baby may be prescribe as to the mother and to his father. It is necessary to provide to the passport office at the place of residence the documents. If the child spelled out the Pope, requires the presence of both parents in the case of registration at the mom - just her. It is necessary to have the passports of both parents, certificate of marriage, certificate of birth and copies of all these documents.
In the passport office have to write 2 statements: one on behalf of his father that he was not against the registration of the child, and the second from the mother that she agrees that the child prescribed by his father. Also need an extract from the house register of registered persons in the apartment (in case of residence in a private home needed this book in original).
If the child at the time of registration was for the month, need help with the passport of the other parent that the child had not registered. You will also need the account statement of the flat/house, which can be obtained from the passport office.
After you give all documents, within a week you will be given a sheet of permanent residence of the baby seals and signatures. Validity it has, and when the child gets a passport, he will stamp already in it.
If the parents are not registered as married, but the father is recognized as official, and it is written in the birth certificate of the child, must be notarized consent of the mother to the baby at the residence of his father. If the father officially recognized the child up to 14 years may be registered only with the mother.