Bathing a puppy is prohibited until then, until exactly two weeks since the last of all vaccinations. Do not neglect this warning, because the immunity small pet is still weak, and the body is still too sensitive to draughts and enough warm water. Do not bathe your puppy if he is two months.
When the puppy begins to grow, more naughty and more dirty, not in a hurry just drag a guy into the bathroom. After a slushy walk to wash puppy paws and comb out hair. And if you need to wash the anus, then do it with a clean washcloth soaked in warm water and then apply baby cream or sea buckthorn oil. Dogs should not be bathed more than 1 time per month. The fact that remnants of shampoo dry skin, and this can lead to itching. Shampoos wash away the natural luster of the wool, it dims noticeably.
If no swimming is still not enough, pour into a basin of water heated to a temperature of 35 degrees. In any case, plug the puppy's ears with cotton swabs – they will protect from water. So as not to scare the animal and not chill it, do it quickly, but not dramatically. Dim the water pressure in the shower and wash the puppy up to his neck. In no case do not pour water directly on your head. Then apply on hair with a special shampoo, massage and rinse thoroughly. If your pet belongs to a breed of long haired dogs, put on a coat more, and rinse and rinse with warm water.
Do not bathe your puppy alone, ask someone to help. Because of the fear he can escape from the hands, hurt. If you decide to redeem the puppy directly to the bathroom, again, for security purposes it is recommended to lay a rubber Mat. Immediately after washing, wrap it in a towel. They may need a few while wool will not dry up. You can use the dryer, but this dryer is better not to abuse - it is also dry out the skin.