Advice 1: How to wash a puppy

The little puppy even at home can get dirty not less than the adult dogs return from a walk. Is it possible to bathe a baby, which just a few weeks old? Breeders believe that unless absolutely necessary to wash the puppy is still not worth it.
How to wash a puppy
Bathing a puppy is prohibited until then, until exactly two weeks since the last of all vaccinations. Do not neglect this warning, because the immunity small pet is still weak, and the body is still too sensitive to draughts and enough warm water. Do not bathe your puppy if he is two months.
When the puppy begins to grow, more naughty and more dirty, not in a hurry just drag a guy into the bathroom. After a slushy walk to wash puppy paws and comb out hair. And if you need to wash the anus, then do it with a clean washcloth soaked in warm water and then apply baby cream or sea buckthorn oil. Dogs should not be bathed more than 1 time per month. The fact that remnants of shampoo dry skin, and this can lead to itching. Shampoos wash away the natural luster of the wool, it dims noticeably.
If no swimming is still not enough, pour into a basin of water heated to a temperature of 35 degrees. In any case, plug the puppy's ears with cotton swabs – they will protect from water. So as not to scare the animal and not chill it, do it quickly, but not dramatically. Dim the water pressure in the shower and wash the puppy up to his neck. In no case do not pour water directly on your head. Then apply on hair with a special shampoo, massage and rinse thoroughly. If your pet belongs to a breed of long haired dogs, put on a coat more, and rinse and rinse with warm water.
Do not bathe your puppy alone, ask someone to help. Because of the fear he can escape from the hands, hurt. If you decide to redeem the puppy directly to the bathroom, again, for security purposes it is recommended to lay a rubber Mat. Immediately after washing, wrap it in a towel. They may need a few while wool will not dry up. You can use the dryer, but this dryer is better not to abuse - it is also dry out the skin.

Advice 2 : How to wash your hair without water

The main condition of hair beauty and their purity. It would seem, what could be easier than to wash the head? But even such a simple action turns into a real problem if the water was cut off or are in conditions where make it difficult (in the campaign, for example)? It turns out that hair again shone cleanliness, you can do without water.
How to wash your hair without water
Was once conducted an interesting experiment: a man stopped to wash the hair. He proceeded from the fact that in ancient times, and in medieval Europe, people did not wash. First, the state of his hair was bad, but then somehow the hair started to self-clean, and looks healthy. But it happened only a few months.

There is hardly a lot of followers of this bold experimenter. Clean hair still most prefer to maintain constantly. But there are situations in which to wash my hair in the usual way difficult or just once.

Hot air

The easiest and fastest way to freshen up the hair – "dry" them with a hot Hairdryer. Dry hair is combed in different directions, while they sent a jet of hot air that blows dust and other substances that pollute the hair. Of course, washing it is difficult to call, but for some time to give your hair a fresh new look, this method helps.

Dry shampoo

A more radical way to clean hair without using water is dry shampoo. Many cosmetic companies produce such tools.

The procedure of application is as follows: the hair is carefully combed, then sprayed a small amount of the contents of the bottle is a light head massage to remove the dirt from the roots and the surface of the hair, and the tool then removed from the hair with a comb.

The composition of such assets include any substance having sarbinowski properties. This can be rice or corn extract, white clay, and flavoring and some other additives. Of course, a full procedure for washing your hair this shampoo will not replace, but as an emergency means will do.

Home remedies

Dry shampoo can make your own. To cleanse the hair and scalp, you can use:
- talc;
- baby powder;
- corn starch;
- the usual flour;
- oat bran;
- cocoa powder.

If you wish to powder mass you can add ground almonds, chopped iris root.

Used homemade dry shampoo as well as industrial, with the only difference that apply it is not so convenient. However, the effect of adoption will be not worse.

In fairness it should be noted that completely replace the normal procedure of shampoo using dry shampoo is still not recommended. This is only a temporary measure, and radically get rid of all the impurities will only water.

Advice 3 : How you get rid of fleas off a puppy

In your house there was a puppy, but, horror of horrors: it is constantly itchy and trying to suck it. Do not worry: your pet regular flea, which you want to as soon as possible.
How you get rid of fleas off a puppy
You will need
  • -antiparasitic shampoo;
  • -antiparasitic ampoules;
  • -antiparasitic collar;
  • -americna water;
  • -grass wormwood or tansy.
The easiest way to get rid of fleas is to wash your pet antiparasitic shampoo. Go to any pet store or veterinary pharmacy, where experts will recommend a shampoo for your puppy. Strictly follow the instructions: soak the time of application of the shampoo, and also make sure that your pet is not managed to lick myself in the process of washing.
After shampoo can be applied on the withers of the pet with special antiparasitic vial (usually, they provide comprehensive protection not only against fleas but also against ticks). The ampoule should be squeezed out to the withers of the animal so that it didn't have a lick at that place. After this, the drug is absorbed into the top layer of the epidermis and protects your dog from fleas and ticks for that period of time that is specified in the instructions.
Instead of an ampoule, you can buy your pet antiparasitic collar. It can also have comprehensive protection against fleas and ticks.
If you live in places where there is no veterinary pharmacies and pet stores, then you can go to a regular pharmacy and buy americow water. Apply it on the hair of the animal, avoiding contact with eyes and mucous. Leave on 7-10 minutes, then comb the pet comb and carefully rinse the hair with water. If the first time failed to destroy all the parasites, then the treatment can be repeated after 24 hours. If there is secondary infection with parasites, then re-apply americow water is recommended after seven days.
To completely get rid of fleas, you must also handle and housing. To do this, wash the floors with special tools, which you can buy in the drugstore or shop:. After this necessarily wash animal bedding in hot water.
Put under the bedding of your pet twigs of wormwood or tansy - fleas can't stand the smell of these plants.
If your dog suffers from allergies or has some serious disease, before treatment for fleas it is advisable to consult a veterinary specialist.
Useful advice
If the house has other animals, the treat of fleas is necessary for all members of the baleen family.
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