Spitz-like dogs

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Breed of dogs called the Spitz has a large number of options. In the large group consists of Spitz-like dogs of medium and small breeds, allows you to choose the pet for a city apartment or large rural areas. Their color can be very diverse: from pure white to red, chocolate and black.

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The main distinguishing feature of Spitz is a thick coat with a dense undercoat, whereby it is raised almost vertically. Moreover, characteristic features for a Pomeranian are small sharp stand-up ears, bushy tail, curled up, and sharp muzzle resembling a Fox.

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Among the Spitz-like dogs there are breeds like the American eskimo dog, Greenland dog, the Finnish Spitz or Karelian-Finnish Laika, the Karelian bear dog. But the most spectacular and popular breeds are German and Pomeranian.

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Decorative Spitz

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The German Spitz is one of the oldest European breeds. Dogs of this kind can be of different size: 18 to 55 cm at the withers. They are well stacked and have a square format, that is, their height equal to the body length. The Spitz a fairly strong build and bulk the chest. Lush fur does not hide the outline of the dog. The undercoat is soft and the guard hairs, opposite, hard and thick. Among the colors of the coat include: black, brown, grey-shaded, white, orange, cream, particolarly (mixed with basic white color). The handlers there are growth differences breed: Wolfspitz (Keeshond), grosser (large), mittelspiel (medium), kleinspitz (small).

Some dog experts consider a Pomeranian as a dwarf variety of German Spitz (zwergspitz), while others distinguish it as a separate breed. Pomeranian differs from German in some respects. Wool orange a softer, quilted and printed, on the face it is shorter than on the body. In addition, among the external signs of a Pomeranian it is possible to allocate slightly rounded skull, small ears, placed not very well. Dwarf Spitz can grow from 18 to 22 cm at the withers. These dogs weigh an average of 1.4-3.5 kg. in addition to colors, typical for German Spitz (black, orange, cream, white, multi-color), wool Pomeranians can be black and tan, chocolate, red with black (sable), blue, blue-tan colors.