Accurate information about the origin of dog breeds miniature Pinscher miniature Pinscher or not, but assumed that she was bred in Germany about three years ago. The Germans often call this breed the miniature Dobermans for external similarity.

The "right" body shape, small size, muscular in development, and the playful nature of the dog influenced the significant spread of the breed among dog lovers.

"Riding pony of the poor" - the name of the breed the miniature Pinscher received because of the high lifting of the front legs when walking. Such an interesting gait resembles the movement of a riding horse.

Caring for a dog

Care for dwarf Pinscher is quite simple. The dog rose obedient, it is necessary to accustom since the childhood. For toilet training a puppy on the street have to be walked several times a day. Some owners prefer to do the toilet for a little dog of reusable diapers. However, this walking does the dog not the breed requires walking, a little Jogging for proper formation of the skeleton and muscle mass. Despite the small stature, the miniature Pinscher is quite muscular.

Clean the ears and eyes is also necessary from an early age then the adult dog will normally apply to these procedures. The auricle should be cleaned with soft and wet cloth.

Despite the fact that Pinscher has a short coat, it also needs regular combing. This procedure allows not only to eliminate unwanted dead hair, but also improve blood circulation.

Feed the miniature Pinscher can be readily feed for dogs of small breeds or natural food. When feeding natural products should be aware that with 5-6 weeks the puppy should regularly give the meat. Approximately 40% of the diet of an adult dog should be proteins – beef, chicken or horse meat, 30% plant foods, such as oatmeal or buckwheat.

Possible trouble

The miniature Pinscher is not a dog problem from the point of view of diseases. However, any caring owner should preventively regularly drive your pet to the vet.

When the puppy turns 7 months, it is necessary to be vaccinated against rabies. Before this time the vaccine is not worth doing, since the formation of the skeleton.

Frequent problems in this breed are eye. They often suffer from cataracts and glaucoma. The observation of the eye condition miniature Pinscher will avoid, or at least the time to identify these problems.

Another feature of the dog is its short coat that does not protect from the cold. Therefore, in order to avoid hypothermia while Hiking in the cold season, the dog's body should be protected with special clothing for dogs.

The miniature Pinscher will be a great friend and a pet in every home, he gets along great not only with adults but also with children.