The benefits of trampolining

Jumping on a trampoline is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. During this pastime improves blood circulation and the heart, lungs and brain are supplied with more oxygen. That's why these classes also promote mental health and improve memory.

In addition, 8 minutes nonstop of jumping on its effectiveness is similar to a three-kilometer jog, and 20 minutes of training on the trampoline substitute an hour of intense aerobics. While jumping on the trampoline strengthens your leg muscles, thighs, abs and arms. Improves coordination, tension and bad mood.

The danger of jumping on a trampoline

Despite its obvious benefits, playing on the trampoline are considered traumatic. Improper execution of jumps the ability to lead to sprains, fractures, dislocations and other injuries, including a special danger of injury to the neck, spine and head. In America, for example, the number of injuries from jumping so high that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you stop using the trampoline at home and even stands for the restriction of classes on it in physical education classes in schools.

One wrong move on a trampoline can throw the person in the frame or even on the ground, with the result that he may remain crippled or paralysed for life. Especially dangerous trampoline for younger children and teenagers, which often try to do a backflip in a jump or repeat dangerous stunts. Strict parental control is little that can prevent, because you can react to the jump and prevent it in time is unlikely to succeed.

How to jump on the trampoline

To minimize the risk of injury while jumping on a trampoline, you must purchase only high-quality simulator. For little kids is generally better to buy children's inflatable trampoline, like a bright inflatable mattress. It has a secure elastic surface that does not allow kids too high to jump.

The framework of the trampoline is designed for older children and adults, it allows you to do pretty high jumps. When installing such a trampoline in any case can not forget about the presence of the grid around it, which will reduce the risk of injury. However, even in this case it is better to install in the hole to the edge of the trampoline were on the ground level. Next there should be no stones, sticks, trees, and other dangerous items.

Jump on the trampoline framework needs only one person, otherwise the risk of injury increases. For children and adolescents, making it necessary obligatory control, to stop any attempts dangerous jumps, landing on his stomach and his back, executing a somersault.