Pros of extreme sports

Playing parkour, rock climbing, skydiving or snowboarding is a great way to overcome your fears. Seriously taking up base jumping, you just get rid of the fear of planes, and after downhill skiing any roller coaster seem like a children's attraction.

Classes extreme sports instill confidence in. In addition, it is a great way to attract attention from the fairer sex. What girl will refuse to go on a date with a biker-extremals? And the lady parachutist is guaranteed to have a lot of enthusiastic fans. In addition, when engaging in extreme sports emerge with nothing comparable emotions, and it perfectly helps to fight with stress. Add to this the production of endorphins that occurs when any exertion, and any nagging bosses will not be able to piss you off or offend.

Another plus - extreme sport requires a good physical shape, and therefore, your body will be strong and fit. Classes these activities cause accelerated heart function and increase respiratory activity that trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
The most popular extreme sports include mountaineering, snowboarding, skydiving, diving, parkour, road-jumping and surfing.

Disadvantages of extreme sports

The most obvious disadvantage of extreme sports is the danger to life and health. Although proper technique and good equipment reduce this risk to a minimum, accidents still occur regularly. As a minus may be considered excessive tension of all systems of the body.

Exercising too much, athletes not only overload the muscles and ligaments, but also wear out the heart. Constant outbursts of adrenaline is also not very healthy. To avoid these consequences by limiting training. But extreme sports is an addiction - once you start, you always want to continue.
Sometimes classes are the extreme manifestation of autoaggression - activities aimed at hurting yourself. This phenomenon occurs because of mental disorders.

By cons can be attributed to the peculiar lifestyle of an avid sportsman. It often happens that only supporters are able to support constant search of new experiences, the frantic pace of life and regular risky activities of the athlete. The family of extremals is often opposed to such sports, which leads to conflicts.

Last but not least disadvantage of extreme sports is its high cost. Good equipment is costly. Also the athlete may need additional funds, for example, to rise to a predetermined height when jumping with a parachute or on a trip on a good ski resort.