The concept of working time the normal duration

The usual length of time is determined by the legislation and the Labour code of the country. The basic accepted norms in the workflow are changing and week. On the basis of articles of the Labour code, the working week should be 40 hours. This time limit is in the interval of the calendar week.

The main types of working weeks are five-day, providing 2 days off, and six-day - 1 day off. The basic work schedule on enterprises provides for 5 working days. But there are organizations where the application of such provision impractical or impossible. Educational institutions that addresses the emotional and physical stress according to the established physiological norms, use a six-day working week. This includes companies operating in the service sector (shops, shopping centres, companies providing maintenance services), government agencies. The number of hours in this case is distributed equally on all days of the working period.

Special rules time

The legislation also provides for other types of regulation of working time for specific categories is reduced and working part-time.

The reduced time means a working period shorter than normal, but payment in full. Shortened the working week on legal grounds provided for certain categories of persons. For working adolescents up to 16 years working period cannot exceed 24 hours per week. People aged 16 to 18 years can work up to 35 hours. For students who are studying full-time and simultaneously working in their spare time, installs 50% of the time norms stipulated for employees of the same age.

There are special regulations for persons with disabilities – the disabled of I and II groups. To set the marginal rate of time per week to 35 hours.

Employees who are involved in hazardous work are entitled to the application of the rules of reduced working time. The company compiled lists of positions and professions who are involved in hazardous occupations, and on their basis establishes a 36-hour working week.

Rule, which implies part-time work period has many similarities with the condensed. It also has a duration shorter than normal, but accepted and executed employment contract between the employee and the organization. Work part-time schedule must be made in writing, only then it will have legal force. Usually, a standard time used to work part-time. They specifically approved by the individual rules and schedule.