You will need
  • the originals of the documents;
  • - copies of documents;
  • - passport
For the notarial certificate of the authenticity of copies of the document contact only you can. Certification of copy of power of attorney only if it stipulates that authority.
First of all, make sure that you need the document to be notarized. Keep in mind that the employee notaries can not certify documentsthat do not have registration number, date of adoption, signatures of officials and seals. To refuse to provide the services of authentication, the notary may and in that case, if you provide documents poorly readable, are amendments pencil writing and strikethrough printing on them is erased or made illegible. All parts of the document consisting of several sheets must be numbered and stitched.
Make required number of photocopies of a document subject to certification. They should be clear and readable. If the content of the document placed on both parties, a copy must also be bilateral.
In order to notarize the documents, you will need a passport, original documents and required number of copies. First the notary will check whether your documents legislature requirements. Then it will compare the submitted copies with the originals.
Further, the employee notary's office on the last page of the copy will put the stamp of her certification, his personal stamp, signature and stamp with the end of the name of the settlement, for example, "Islands".
Put your signature in a special register, containing your passport data, name of document, number of pages and the number of notarized copies.