The person authorised to certify a copy of the work book

In accordance with established regulations, a copy of the work assures the person responsible for personnel documents. In large companies it is the HR Department or the office of personnel management. In small enterprises the state is not provided for workers, their functions are performed by the accountant. To assure a copy can also be a Director of the company.

How to certify a copy of the work book

For a copy of the work book and issue it to the employee on hand is given up to 3 days. If you need full information about experience and work history of the employee, to certify a copy of the work book is recommended as follows:

- make copies of all sheets of labour, on which there are records starting from the title page with personal data and ending with a sheet containing information about the last job;

- on all sheets except the last cadre or Manager writes "true copy" puts the current date and print that indicates the position and sign, print and text should be placed partially on the copy of the document, and partly on the clean part of the sheet;

- copy the last page of the work book is issued in the same way, just add the phrase "currently working".

If you want to provide custom information about a specific job, the employer is given an extract from labor, which is also a legal document. This is a copy of the title page and pages containing the required record, which shall be certified in the same manner as employment history.

What would write about an experience or work place were not needed, they should certified by the employer or his representative, who is currently employed worker is employment history.

To assure a copy of the work, and the document to have legal effect, it is necessary each two-page spread of the book to place on the sheet in A4 format.

Copy of labor book: validity

A copy of the employment card is valid for one month after its issuance, provided that document has not been made a new record. If the employee retired or changed profession, a copy of the work becomes invalid.

To assure a copy in the notary's office. Then it will have validity without any restrictions, but to the inclusion in the document of new data.