The shops economy class, and flea markets

Inexpensive shoes can be purchased in the store economy class. But keep in mind that these shoes will probably last you longer than one season. For example, in the Siberian region in almost all cities is very common Shoe store under the name "Monroe" where quality and price are very acceptable.

Maybe where you live there is a flea market. If you do not disdain worn things, in this place, if you try, you can find the acceptable sneakers for a very low price.
Adidas and Puma were early by one company, founded by brothers Dassler. After serious conflicts, the brothers divided the business. We also know that Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas.

Affordable quality

For those who flea markets and shoes with poor quality are not satisfied, you can pay attention to the discount and to buy shoes of famous brands at discounted price..

If you live in a big city, then surely there is at least one shopping center where there will be shops that sell branded shoes discounts. But please note that discounts in this case is not comparable with the prices in the shops economy class.

Price sneakers from the most well-known manufacturers such as Reebok, Adiddas, Nike and Puma can vary from 8 to 40 thousand. Therefore, discount the lowest possible price will reach 3 thousand. But the shoes will serve you not one season or even one year, but the foot will feel very comfortable.
In the big cities often are premarket. The format is based on the fact that each person has unnecessary things that he is willing to give for free. Instead, he can take any other thing, including sneakers.


The most modern way to pick out sneakers quickly and inexpensively, is a portal Avito. Free Bulletin Board every day new deals appear. I propose here not only well-worn sneakers, but also brand new at a low price.

To choose and buy shoes on Amazon or just go to the official website, choose your city and category to find the right ad and call the seller to arrange a meeting place.

This option not only saves money but also time that you could spend "running around" shopping.

Online store

The option to use the services of an online store perfect for those who want to go shopping, but at the same time will not refuse to pay extra for quality. The savings is due to the fact that this store doesn't need to pay the salaries of a large number of consultants, which affects the final price of the goods.

One of the famous stores that is already well established, is Lamoda. Online store located in St. Petersburg, but makes the delivery all over Russia.