Assortment of foreign online stores selling clothes and accessories, much different from their Russian counterparts. As a rule, the mark-up on branded clothing in Russia is about 50 percent. As a result, the domestic price tag is 2-3 times higher than in Italy, UK, France, Germany and America. This is why branded clothing is more profitable to buy abroad. In cases where a trip to another country is impossible, shoppers save online shopping. The share of Russian buyers who buy things on foreign websites, is increasing every year.

American online shopping

The Internet giant – the largest U.S. retailers. On the website sells almost everything: various electronics, furniture, Housewares, cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing and shoes. While on the site you can find as cheap Chinese clothes and high-quality branded items. For example, Ray Ban sunglasses can cost $ 100 instead of 250, and the clock-Boyfriends from Michael Kors – 150 instead of the usual 300. On the same site in late winter the most famous in the world of outerwear brand Canada Goose will cost $ 600, whereas in autumn their price over $ 1000.
It is worth noting that American sales are short, and their things "fly" very quickly.

The disadvantages of the site include a multi-step search mechanism, which is difficult to learn for beginners, and lack of information about the product. It is worth to make a purchase only when you need this item, and you know in advance about the necessary. – a real storehouse for lovers of branded items. Jeans from Diesel, elegant dresses and handbags from Diane von Furstenberg, stylish pants and cardigans from DKNY as well as charm jewelry from Juicy Couture – all available on The website pleasantly surprises with a convenient interface and high-quality pictures products.

European online shopping a British site, popular among students and young people. Here you can buy fashionable dresses, baby doll, and sweatshirts with bright prints, high-quality boyfriend jeans, as well as inexpensive shoes and outerwear.
Signing up for emails from you'll be the first to receive information about discounts and promotions. - the most famous Italian website brand clothes and shoes. On sale in this online store, when in stock there remain only a few copies of the product, you can buy a really high quality item for a low price. So, a great pair of shoes or ankle boots from Roberto del Carlo discounts will cost less than 2000 rubles.