This Republic is one of the cleanest regions of the country. Buryatia is located in the heart of Asia at the junction of several climatic zones, from steppe to tundra, which has a great impact on the ecological situation of this territory. Protection of nature here is in the first place and this helped to maintain a unique reserved zone. In the reserve Fund of Buryatia includes about 7% from the Republic square and consists of three major biosphere reserve, Baikal, and Barguzin dzherginskiy. Today almost a quarter of the coastline of Baikal is under state protection. In Buryatia there are several Federal reserves, one of them is "Tunka national Park, which is known for the highest mountain of the Republic of Munku-Sardyk and thermal springs.


This place on the map of Russia is rightly called the "green resort" in the country. Here rush weary residents of smog in pristine mountain rivers and unique curative air. Here the nooks of the Altai preserved almost intact, mountain lakes still clean, but dense forests do not get tired to turn the air into a real elixir of health. There are such monuments of nature as Tavdinsky caves, river Katun, mountain cyanosis, salt lake Kolyvanskoe, Raspberry and a Small spring, Denisova cave. And a special love fans of Altay deserve relict pine forest.


The southern part of Russia is decorated with decent Kabardino-Balkaria, the main attraction of which are the Caucasus mountains with many small mountain lakes and rivers. Near the capital of the Republic Nalchik is a cozy resort Dolinsk, surrounded by a ring of mountains. Here in the valley a very special microclimate, which positively affects the local coniferous and deciduous vegetation. In addition to the pure mountain air in Dolinsk you can take a course of treatment by mineral waters or improve your health, taking baths in hot springs.


There is in mother Russia unique ancient land – Karelia, painted in green-blue tones. It is a country of clear lakes and boreal forest. Among 63 thousand lakes of Karelia there are two largest lakes in Europe – Onega and Ladoga. Here you can visit the famous natural complex "Paanajarvi", which is protected by UNESCO. In the list of national monuments of Karelia includes ethnographic reserve famous Kizhi and Valaam archipelago.