Installing Minecraft

On the game's official website to download the installer. The paid version costs $20, but to start with would be enough the free trial version.

Download and run the installer Minecraft.When configuring enter the configuration of your computer, operating system, number of cores, RAM. The fact that a number of files the game loads in addition to the installation process. If you do not specify the exact information yourself, it can affect the speed of the game - system will set a minimum version for the "weak" processors.

Single mode

The game is built on the principle of the "sandbox" - each player can create a unique virtual reality in a single mode. Opportunities gamers are practically unlimited.

After installing the program, you can safely click on the "shortcut" of Minecraft. Select Single Player, Learning. The passage of the learning process in Minecraft is almost essential - it is a sandbox game itself will acquaint you with the functions "create" and "edit" of virtual reality. The system also has a "test" at the end of which you will be able to build your buildings, move objects, create colonies and scripts.

Network mode

To start a multiplayer game you will need to use special "server" program. The most popular among Russian players are "Garena Plus" and Hamachi.

To configure network you need to install client Garena or Hamachi tool. Next you need to register in the system (during registration and "Garena plus" and Hamachi require a phone number for sms authentication).

The system assigns you a "virtual" IP, then you can go to the "play panel". Select "Network game", Minecraft, "to Open the room (Open Room) or "Create a room" (Create Room). You can then choose any server for multiplayer, character, clans, monsters, etc. At the end click Start Game you will be able to start the game.


There are dozens of add-ons and mods Minecraft, to make it easier and faster to solve the game problem. Generators allow you to increase the voltage tenfold. Axes Tomahawks kill the monsters and return to the owner (like a boomerang). To download extras for games on the Minecraft project-mods (link provided in "Resources"section).