You will need
  • modem
  • - special sites
If you are faced with a similar problem, look first to your local IP address. To do this, go to any of the special sites:,, etc. In most cases it will be or (sometimes Enter it in the address bar of the browser. In the resulting window, enter the username and password is admin. In some situations you will need to leave one or both blank lines (instead of introducing words in there admin) - depending on the specific settings of your router.
Once in the menu of that distributing Internet device, proceed as follows. If you have a router brand D-Link, go to the Advanced tab, there select Virtual Servers, and then Add and type a name for your future playgrounds (e.g., simple Minecraft Server). All lines with an External Port (start and end) enter the number of the port 25565, do the same for Internal Port, and the Protocol must be UDP. Now press Apply, save and restart the router.
For the device from ZyXEL go to the tab Networks, there choose NAT, and Port Forwarding. Enter there at the right place the port number is 25565. Now simply save the settings and restart the router. For other similar devices you may need a slightly different procedure and the names of the tabs, but the General principles will remain the same. By the way, for any scenario do not click on the Delete button or Remove. Port thus you will not open, but irregularities in the router (including such that would require a reinstall) can easily cause.
In the case where you have a very powerful anti-virus and firewall (firewall), you will have to add a few items on the list of exceptions. Go through the start menu control panel computer and then to the center to ensure its security. Next, select Windows firewall and switch to the tab with its exceptions. There click on "Add port", first open the line give it any name, and secondly - write down his number (25565) and click "UDP port". Click OK twice and all should earn.
If you have Windows Vista or 7, not XP, act a little differently. Similarly, go to the control panel, but there, open administrative tools and select the firewall in advanced security mode or type wf.msc. Now open the port in your antivirus. The specific procedure will depend entirely on what protective software is installed, but the principle is in all cases approximately the same. Find the exceptions list, add Java and port 25565. After that long the game server will work.