You will need
  • installer Java
  • - the official website Minecraft
The opportunities you will have after purchasing the license version of Minecraft. Chief among them, perhaps, is that now you get full, unlimited access to game updates. When the next release will be, at the first opening the launcher you will be prompted to install the latest version. You do it with just one click of the mouse.
If you got the key, being new to Minecraft, properly install the game. First, make sure that you have installed on the computer software platform Java. Do it through the official portal of the manufacturer (click on the corresponding labels) or on its own. In the case where the software product on your computer is missing, go install it. Download the latest version that matches the bitness and other configurations of your operating system.
Begin the installation process the downloaded package. Your intervention is almost not required, because everything here is very simple. You only need to checkmark the method of installation (fully or partly automatic), accept the license agreement, specify the path to the folder with Java (you can choose the one that is proposed), etc. you May need to restart the computer so that the changes in the system came into force.
Download from official website manufacturer Corporation Mojang file minecraft.exe. Then place it in any specific folder, wherever you want (and he will then self-create around themselves the game directory), it is desirable - on the drive C. However, do not start installing Minecraft, without prior proof of purchase of the license. Instructions on how to do it, you had to receive an email after purchasing the license key. Go on that come from Mojang the letter. Enter where you want, a desired combination of characters (your license key) and user name write your e-mail.
Start minecraft.exe. It will automatically install the game, and you actually do not need to select specific options. However, in the step, when you will offer a play offline or registration, click Register. Fill in the open lines of your username and your preferred password. You will then begin the process of creating the game files, which will take some time (depending on power of your computer). This will open the boot screen that says Updating Minecraft. After graduation you will find yourself in the main menu. Make the necessary settings related to game modes, difficulty levels, etc. Start gameplay.