You will need
  • - installed the Sims 3
Activate the console to enter the code with Ctrl+Shift+S. you press at the same time. To hide the console, hit Enter or ESC.
Type in the console Kaching and press Enter – the budget of your Sims will increase by 1000 units of money. Code Motherlode will make your characters richer than 50 thousand. Use the code resetSim<full SIM name>, if one of your characters is stuck or "stuck" to any subject. HideHeadlineEffects on/off hides the pictures of thoughts above the heads of Sims.
Use the following codes for the construction and placement of objects in The Sims 3.

Moveobjects on/off cancel restrictions for the placement of objects in the mode of construction and purchase.

СonstrainFloorElevation true/false is used to change the landscape, with floors, walls and furniture will be moved in accordance with change in the tilt of the soil. But new construction, even after activating this code, you can only start on flat ground.

DisableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on/off allows you to place items arbitrarily, ignoring the reference to the marking grid. When placing objects, you must hold down the Alt key.
Type in the console TestingCheatsEnabled true/false, press Enter and hold down Shift and click on mailbox. Now using the code Set Career you can set the level of career. Make Happy will make your tenants happier, Make Me Know Everyone will introduce your character with all the neighbors around the area and Make Friends For Me will add to your character a few random friends.
Use the code TestingCheatsEnabled true/false to edit the personal settings of the game character. After entering the code press the Shift key and click on your SIM. Select Modify Traits to change traits. Set Age will allow you to change the age of the SIM and Add to Household add home a new family member.