You will need
  • - computer game Sims
  • - computer
To get pregnant in the Sims, start a game for a female character. Gradually grow your SIM card, and then get to know a SIM of the opposite sex. Take him for grooming or do start to care for him if he's indecisive. Once the relationship between Sims reach 100 points out of 100, send them in. Click on the SIM with the mouse to the opened window, select the option to Flirt. Then send the SIM to bed, get to her SIM and select "try for baby".
Then feed your SIM with watermelons, the child was born male. If you want your SIM gave birth to a girl, try to feed her apples. To find out what gender the child at the moment, then visit the hospital and talk to a genetic engineer. If no such officer is absent, just arrange your other SIM to work in the hospital to take the position.
To conceive multiple children, you must have some kind of reward. To develop this SIM, fulfill his desires and get happiness points. After accumulating enough points, open the game menu and get a reward of Fertility. After that, you find that your SIM is pregnant with twins.
To conceive three children, arrange work in show business. When on the set to you in the hands of the magic lamp, RUB it and call Genie. Talk to him and from the list proposed, select the wish desires of a large family. After that, the SIM gets pregnant just 3 kids.
To conceive twins of different sexes, after conception immediately talk to a genetic engineer. Once it has determined the gender of the children, go to the store and buy me watermelons and apples. Feed them to her until birth, and twins born of different genders.
To conceive of the required character, even if it is not provided by the logic of the game, enter the cheat code. Press Ctrl, Shift , C and type in the window: Pollinate Me, putting the name of Shem, from which the pregnant character that you manage. Type: Pollinate Other, with the name SIM to get pregnant from your character.
The most entertaining way to get pregnant in Sims. Create a male adult SIM and force him to look in the telescope. If you keep doing it, your SIM will be picked up by aliens and artificially fertilized, regardless of gender.