Gold alloy

Fineness of gold is marked with the number indicating the gold content in 1,000 parts of alloy. Ideal is 1000-th sample, however, it is very conditional, it is impossible to make an alloy of gold without any impurities. Therefore, jewelry marked sample, consisting of a three-digit number. The Russian Guest 6835-85 mentioned 40 possible alloys of gold and 18 samples. As for jewelry, the majority of them are made of gold 375, 583, 585, 750 and 958 samples, although in some countries is also used 333 sample. The most common alloy of gold used to create jewelry is a hallmark 585. It consists of three components, lends itself well to soldering, its color can vary from white to almost red.

The cost of 1 gram of gold of different samples

The price for 1 gram of 999 gold installed on the new York Mercantile exchange (COMEX). In Russia, it displays the price of gold, which is published daily on the website of the Central Bank. The exchange gold is bought and sold in Troy ounces. Payment is in US dollars. The Central Bank fixed the exchange calculates the indices based on the Russian rubles per gram. Thus the accounting price of 1 gram gold. It must be remembered that this figure is focused on the balance of supply and demand abroad, while the domestic market price of gold may differ from accounting rates of the Central Bank.

To determine the value of gold in other samples, it is necessary to find out account the price of gold on the current date and multiply it by the appropriate factor. Gold 375 samples this ratio is equal to 0,375; for gold 585 - 0,585; for gold 750 - 0,750 etc. for Example, the accounting price of 1 gram gold in CBR 01/05/2014, amounted to RUB 1285,30 Means that at that date the current price of 1 gram gold 375 samples will be 481,99 RUB, and gold 585 - 751,90 RUB, etc. While in the jewelry stores 1 gram of gold 585, estimated at an average from 1500 to 2000 RUB Scrap gold 375 samples take the price 480-500 RUB per gram, 583 and 585 - 800 and 900 rubles, respectively, and 750 - 1000-1100 rubles. And only 999 gold is accepted at a price fixed by the Central Bank of Russia. With regard to the acceptance of gold pawn shops, the price varies depending on the condition of jewelry, inlays of precious stones, the value of an item of jewelry. Pawnshops do not stop to buy any types of jewelry as well as Cutlery and even dental crowns. However, the price at which such items are accepted, will be mostly below market.