There is a widespread belief that every self-respecting woman should know the value of a diamond. Evaluating characteristics of gems, the experts pay attention to 4 key qualities. The consideration of the subject:
- the size of the stone,
- its purity,
- the color and quality of the cut.

Measurement system

System of measurement in different countries differ from each other. However, the standard USA is the most perfect. He is also the most common. Brilliant, acclaimed by representatives of the Gemological Institute of America, does not need further surveys. The test results can be easily converted to units of another country. The following criteria of domestic certification.
Russia has its own rating system, different from the us.

Russian standards

In 2002 was approved the standard: Tu 117-4.2099-2002. Technical terms describe the process of evaluating diamonds:

The rating cut. The appearance of the stone has a great influence on the choice of the buyer. The greatest demand is for jewelry round shape of medium size. Faces could be 17 or 57.

- The weight of the diamond. Unit of measurement-the carat. The stones are divided into three groups. The small mass does not exceed 0, 29 carats, medium are those which have a weight in the range from 0.30 to 0.99 carats. One carat and above characterizes large diamonds.

- On the color characteristic classification from absolutely colorless diamond to a rich yellow, grey and brown shades. There are several subgroups. But speaking of a certain shade, more often used definition: "subtle", "rich", "barely noticeable"...

- The purity of the stones is determined by the presence of cracks and defects, internal inclusions. In this classification, there are also several subgroups, which depend on the mass of diamonds.
The level of purity of the stone is determined with a magnifying glass.

After the necessary research diamond gets technical characteristics. Looks like this entry thus: Cu 57 0,35 3/ 4 A. This means that before you is a round diamond with 57 facets and corresponds to group A, weight 0, 35 carat. Figure 3 refers to a group of colors, and 4 is a group istotnych characteristics. This stone will cost about 100 thousand rubles.

The most popular diamonds weighing 0.1 carats. The approximate cost will amount to 7 thousand rubles Large gems group with the highest purity will cost 600 thousand. How much a particular diamond can tell a valuer. It should be remembered that the value of gems decreases.