The most important rule – in any case do not buy gold on the market!
The easiest way to find out whether you hold in your hands the product of white gold is to look at the sample, which is on the product. That is, the sample indicates the purity and amount of gold contained in the product. Than the sample above, the content of gold in it anymore.
Visually, the white gold looks like silver. But, if you look, you can easily find the differences. First, white gold is a warmer white, while silver is a "cold". Secondly, silver has a density from white gold, it is a softer metal. After spending on the white sheet of paper the product of silver, you will see that it will mark, at that time, like the goldpiece will be no trail.
Use and such a simple way: hold a small amount of time in vinegar product. If the object changes color, it means that it is made not from gold, or contain a very large number of impurities.
Use the magnet. In itself gold (regular and white) as well as all the precious metals, is nonmagnetic. Therefore, if the product starts to react to the approach thereto of the magnet, it will indicate a tampering or a very high content of impurities of other metals.
Drip a little iodine on the product and wait a couple of minutes. Then, erasing the iodine with a cotton swab or cloth and see if there are any trace. If not, the item is made of real gold.
You can check with spinnogo pencil, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Moisten golde decoration of water and a pencil and make small dash. Metal needs to stay clean. This is a very convenient method of determining the authenticity of the product, as the result is instant.